NBC’s Community | Is Alison Brie Hinting Towards A Movie?

"6 Seasons and a Movie"!

We all know TV show Community as series who has had a history with its jokes. Perhaps in all these jokes, there is one that it might never be able to make good on. After all those throwbacks and reunions with the hashtag “six seasons and a movie” posts by stars, is it ever going to happen? Are we ever going to see a feature film that would reunite the misfit study group? Yet again, Alison Brie has hinted at a movie of the beloved show Community.

Is Community Movie Finally In The Works?

Executive producer and writer Chris McKenna along with Dan Harmon reunited with Alison Brie at the Vulture Festival in LA.  Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong, and Yvette Nicole Brown were also there. With almost all the cast present at a single place, it was only natural to bring out the big question: “Is TV show Community ever going to get a movie?”

According to Vulture, moderator Jesse David Fox asked the stars what it would take to make a movie. To this, McHale jokingly replied “one million Dollars for Donald [Glover].” Dan Harmon asked the bigger question about who would be taking on the management and story writing roles: “Who’s supposed to say ‘everyone does this?'” Alison Brie replied, “It sounds like it starts with you, Dan”.

At this point, Harmon jokingly said that if he would write the script, then probably half of the cast would back out. The whole cast who was present there immediately back up Dan and vowed that if the story was ever written they would certainly be present.

Also, Brie shared an Instagram photo to show support for Community movie as well.

Thanks for having us @vulturefestival !! #andamovie

In all this, Donald Glover seemed to have missed out on the reunion once again. Nicole Brown has called him “the most talented person” after noting his skills in acting, music, writing, and baking. Alison remembers listening to Childish Gambino songs with him.

What’s Next?

For now, it seems there is more wait down the line if we are ever going to get a movie for the TV show Community of NBC. Perhaps someday in the coming years, we might get it because the possibility is still there. After all, as said by SlashFilms, if they could pull off a season-long Beetlejuice joke, they could pull off “six seasons and a movie.”

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