Trisha Paytas & Gabbie Hanna Feud | What Went Wrong?

And an STD rumor is just plain sad....

Where there’s Trisha Paytas, there’s new drama just around the corner! And last night consisted of lots of crying on the kitchen floor and Trisha’s signature angry hand gestures (read: claps). Well, this time her rant seemed legit though. After all, the so-called ‘rumor’ she’s upset about, we truly sympathize with Jason Nash’s ex-girlfriend, Trisha. The story involves Gabbie Hanna, a popular internet personality and ‘Vine’-er (The Gabbie Show who might have dated David Dobrik from the Vlog Squad). Apparently, it was Gabbie who spread a super malicious rumor about Trisha. But Gabbie has own story to tell. Let’s get straight into Trisha’s version first.

Trisha Paytas and her so-called STD

Trisha came on YouTube with a new video saying it’s time she put an end to this drama. What led her to this was finding out that Gabbie was telling people Trisha has a sexually-transmitted disease, specifically ‘Herpes’.

Trisha started her rant saying Gabbie thinks everything is always about her.

“She’s nice to me here and there but sometimes she goes off. Like one time she texts me thinking I threw shade at her through my video even though it wasn’t her that i was talking about. But she thinks everything is about her. Well Gabbie, THIS is about you, so there you go!”

After her painful breakup with Jason Nash, Trisha seems to be down in the dumps. She shared that she already has a lot going on in her personal life.

Well, the tea is that Gabbie Hanna claimed Trisha Paytas has an STD to none other than Jason Nash. Of course, Trisha is infuriated. Finding out that something like this was told to her lover is obviously going to hurt. She went on to say that this is a complete lie. According to her, “THIS is why I don’t trust Gabbie Hanna.”

According to Trish, when she and Jason started hooking up in 2017, she made a video on YouTube called ‘YouTubers I’ve hooked up with’. By the clues there, Gabbi guessed that she was dating Jason… which she was.

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Trisha Paytas described Gabbie Hanna saying to him, “Hey be careful, Trish has Herpes and you’re sleeping with her, and blah blah blah.”

In her video, she goes on to frantically ask, “Gabbie, have we SLEPT together!? Did I show you my STD results? Are you my doctor? Did you swab my v****? In what world is it okay?” she shrieks.

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What Gabbie Hanna did a few hours ago…

The rant from Trisha did Paytas not drop out of nowhere this time. A few hours ago, Gabbie took this issue to her Instagram story herself.

In a rather cool tone, she asks her followers if she did anything wrong by simply being concerned for a friend. Gabbie claims somebody told her that ‘someone’ (Trisha) has an incurable STD (it comes from a close friend of theirs) and she found out another close friend of hers (read: Jason Nash) is sleeping with her.

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Gabbie went on to clarify that this isn’t like going around and telling everybody that they heard this person has an STD.

“This is like, you know someone you care about is sleeping with them so you warn them. You say, I don’t know if its true but this is what I heard, just be careful, check it out.”

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She asked her followers in a poll:

“Shady? Yes or No.”

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Team Trisha or Team Gabbie…

Gabbie stated that a close friend of Trisha’s had given her the information. While Trisha claims: “She keeps telling me, “a close friend of yours told me”. TELL ME WHO! What close friend? I don’t even have any close friends.”

She then read aloud a text message from Gabbie saying “If you think it’s low to tell people you heard about an incurable disease KK you have an issue for real.”

Trisha slammed back. ” Yes because an incurable disease that I don’t have, that you don’t know I have, that you have no right to tell someone I have, even if you heard I was HIV positive you have no right to do that!”

Gabbie posted again on her story after Trisha’s video. She said everything on YouTube is fake and lies and that’s why she doesn’t get upset.

At the end of the day, here I am, at my house, not saying anybody names, not trying to get in anybodys business but there’s also somebody else going on their 500th rant for the month.

With her “shaky life and mental health and well-being”, Trisha had told her not to text her anymore.

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She went on to say,


“I am an open book, I will tell people what I have and when I have. I don’t wanna have drama with this person, she has drama with everybody dude.”

“Boy, my butt is boiling!”

We can’t really pick aside. On one hand, Trisha is fairly upset about hearing something that would enrage ‘anyone!’. On the other, it is also important to look out for a friend if you hear something that could put their health or life at risk.

Team Gabbie or Team Trisha; you decide.

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