Randall Park Shares Thoughts On Fresh Off The Boat’s Cancellation

The longest-running sitcom featuring an Asian-American family is suddenly coming to an end on ABC. According to Vulture, the current season of the show will be the final season. ABC notified the production and the cast a few days ago about the cancellation of the Fresh off the Boat show. Consequently, the 14th and 15th episodes will serve as an hour-long series finale each. Randall Park (starring as Louis Huang) wanted to get things off his heart. Thus, he wrote a heartfelt message to fans.

ABC reported that Fresh off the Boat finale will air on February 21. Over recent years, the tv show’s ratings declined. To save the show ABC moved it to Friday nights, however, that did not help much.

Randall Park Has Something To Say

Randall Park wrote the following message on his Instagram, thanking everyone who worked with him:

When I first started in this business, all I wanted to do was work as an actor. Especially in projects that paid money. It would be an added bonus if I got to work on something that was actually good and preferably not racist. A steady gig of any kind would’ve been beyond my wildest dreams. I would’ve been completely happy to be a funny neighbor or snarky co-worker. At the time, those were the kinds of roles that were available for folks like me, so I would’ve been fine with that.

Furthermore, Park talked about how humanizing the show, especially since it gave Asian American families proper TV representation:

Then, Fresh Off The Boat came along, and it gave me all that and so much more. Aside from being a really great show made by incredibly talented people, it was also not racist! In fact, Fresh Off The Boat was the opposite. It was humanizing, it was hilarious and full of heart, it was groundbreaking, it was an Asian American family on television. For six seasons, I got to play a man of many dimensions: a loving father and husband, a friend, a boss… I got to laugh, to cry, to sing, to dance, to be a real human being. And to think I got paid in actual money! For something I would have happily done for free.* –

Park Thanks Colleagues In Hearty Message

Randall Park finally thanked his colleagues, channel and everyone for the love and support:

Thank you to Nahnatchka Khan, @chineseguy88, Jake Kasdan, @mreddiehuang, @20thcenfoxtv, @abcnetwork, Justin and Missy, Matt and Keith, our incredible writers, and the entire cast and crew for being the best humans. And most of all, THANK YOU TO THE FANS!
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(*To clarify, I would have done that first season for free. I would’ve needed to get paid for the remaining seasons. I have a family to feed.)

There is currently a spinoff of Fresh off the Boat. Perhaps we might get to see a cameo of Randall Park, Constance Wu, or Eddie Huang there.

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