Diplo Becomes Niall Horan in ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ Via Deep Fake Tech

The DJ morphs into Horan.

This deep-fake music video by Dj Diplo is creepy and amazing at the same time. It is a remix of the former One Direction member’s (Niall Horan) song. Nice To Meet Ya re-mix sees Diplo and Niall’s faces morphed together.

Diplo is Niall Horan in Nice To Meet Ya

This cool technology is becoming quite popular these days. Deep-fake software has been used on Henry Cavill’s Superman by DC as well. It was a poor job though and met a lot of criticism. However, the tech is getting smarter every day.

The deep-fake version of Niall Horan’s Nice To Meet Ya has been released by Diplo. I must admit, it’s simultaneously creepy and cool. The Dj’s face can be seen resembling that of Horan’s. It looks like some sort of Diplo-Niall hybrid.

The DJ is looking exactly like Niall, with a brown wig. The black & white theme of the original number is part of the re-make as well. The EDM star ramps up the video with his electronic touch to it and dance moves reminiscent of the ones by Horan. It’s amazingly funny.

In light of his most recent work, the electronic music sensation has been exploring his country-side talents. Diplo is also releasing collaborations with other big names of the industry as well. Artists like the Jonas Brothers and Morgan Wallen are a few of them.

Nice To Meet Ya is part of Niall Horan’s upcoming single album which is a follow-up to 2017’s Flicker. This crazy video by Diplo might be a good promotion strategy for the sophomore album.

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