Mission: Impossible 7 & Tom Cruise | What We Know So Far

Ethan Hunt just keeps coming back for more! After the “shaky” success of Mission: Impossible Fallout, it was speculated that an end has come for Tom Cruise (aged 57) and his team. However, shortly after, Mission: Impossible 7 and 8  were confirmed along with their release dates. For 7, Tom Cruise, or Ethan Hunt, is coming back in another addition to the franchise starring Rebecca Ferguson and Hayley Atwell. Let’s find out what information is available to us so far.

Mission: Impossible 7 Release Date

It was confirmed a few months ago, in February that MI 7 would have a release date of July 2021. This date will be almost three years after Fallout. Big plans are building up to make this sequel a grand one, hence a lot of time is being given to pull this off properly.

Is This Where Mission Will Fail?

Not quite, in our opinion. As discussed earlier, there is already an 8th sequel planned for the franchise. Perhaps by then, we all would need to revisit Mission Impossible films to memorize everything that would have happened so far after MI7.

The Creators and Director?

In the earlier films, the Mission Impossible franchise would shift to a different director after every movie. However, things have settled ever since Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation when Christopher McQuarrie took over. With largely positive reviews for the previous two movies, it’s understandable that McQuarrie will continue.

When Will The Production Start?

Distant release date means that McQuarrie might only be doing preproduction right now, like story writing and casting. This, in itself, requires a lot of hard work when the cameras haven’t even rolled out yet. Plus, McQuarrie is making both movies at the same time. So, we have to be patient before a trailer comes out.

Who Will Star In MI 7?

Tom Cruise! Glad we got him this time… just like the previous six movies…

Anyways, Rebecca Ferguson has been confirmed once again. A star who has sort of becoming the main plot character ever since Rogue Nation. Hayley Atwell will also be playing a role in the movie. It is being rumored that a big name is being discussed for the role of antagonist, and Bradley Cooper is the name being discussed for the two movies. We shall confirm this later!

For now, only bits of details are available to us. Stick with us to find out more!

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