Jim Carrey’s Redo Of The TIME Cover

Popular actor Jim Carrey has just done what everyone in the country wanted to. His latest artistic masterpiece rightly steps over Trump’s toes.

This time Jim Carrey took a shot at Trump by re-designing the TIME magazine cover. Not that we didn’t like the previous covers, but this one definitely has spiced things up more. What Jim Carrey came up with was President Trump towering over a toddler in the cover. This was directly targeting Trump’s executive order.  The new immigration policies of the Trump government ordered the separation of immigrant children from their families. And that’s what the cover hits. To top it all off, the TIME cover read, “Welcome to America”.

Even when most of us love this pictorial comment on Trump’s administration, criticism started flowing in. Reports were compiled arguing that the child in the picture was not separated from his mother. TIME came under attack.

But well, Jim Carrey was not letting go of his idea. He soon fixed the cover, but this time just more brutally. In this one, Trump can be seen stomping the head of a child while it reads,

Here’s your due process.

Jim Carrey shared the new one in his tweet, with the message that this was his revision of the controversial TIME cover. And also that this one was more appropriate.

Even though both of Jim Carrey’s covers are unbelievably accurate, we just can’t disagree that the re-do makes more sense. That’s exactly what the Trump government is doing to these kids. And that too, shamelessly!

Considering the recent policies of Trump, and America’s situation, the need for celebrities to stand up is greater than ever. Given the chaos in our country, your favorite stars are more political than before. And here, people like Jim Carrey deserve real applause. In recent times, he has come up with politically charged drawings showing his disgust for Trump policies. This new TIME cover is just perfect on the subject of family separations. Though more and more actors, comedians and artists are stepping up, we need more people like Jim Carrey. That might just put President Trump back in place!

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