Shazam Star Zachary Levi Wanted to be Deadpool

Have you all ever imagined if the actor who plays a certain superhero actually wanted to play that particular superhero or not? Or if they wanted to play someone else but never got the chance. Well, we’ve got just this incident for you. The star of DC’s Shazam, Zachary Levi, admitted that he has wanted to play Deadpool for a very long time.

Zachary Levi Wanted to be Deadpool

On a recent event in Boston, Zachary Levi met with and told them all about how he was a big fan of Deadpool comics. The actor said,

I wanted to be Deadpool for so long. Like a long, long [time ago]. When I was reading Deadpool I wanted to be Deadpool, but Ryan is crushing that. They’ve done so well with creating that.

Levi went on to talk about how his and Ryan Reynolds characters, Shazam and Deadpool, are quite similar. The difference being that Zachary Levi Shazam is more family-friendly.

I actually kind of think that Deadpool and Shazam! are similar movies in that we’re both satellites of a greater universe that we get to kind of look at and point at and realize as an audience we can all do that together. Deadpool got to take all those potshots at the Marvel universe [laughs], particularly the X-Men franchise, and it was so genius. And that we get to be on the outside, existing within the DC Universe but not necessarily having to subscribe to everything that’s already there.

He Talks About His Experience With Marvel

Zachary Levi might not have been able to become Deadpool but he still managed to be a part of Marvel Universe. He was in both Thor movies as Fandral. He talks about that experience and how being the leading hero in DC was different.

I was a demigod at one point, but I was in somebody else’s movies. Then I got my own movie and I got to wear a cape and put the spandex on. Also I got to be, in my very unbiased opinion, kind of the coolest of all of them. I mean, not cool as like Batman cool, but I get to have fun. All those guys are moping around, ‘Gotta save the universe again.’ I’m like, ‘Come on!’ That’s fun, you know?

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