Rob McElhenney & Kaitlin Olson Finally Met Lin-Manuel Miranda

It is adorable.

Rob McElhenney is an American actor, producer, and writer. Most can recognize him from his show It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. His wife Kaitlin Olson is an American actress, producer, and a writer who also stars in the show.  She began her career in the Groundlings and had minor roles early in the day. Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American producer, singer, songwriter, and a music composer who got popular for his musical Hamilton. The married couple recently had a fangirl moment when they met Lin-Manuel Miranda

Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson meet Lin-Manuel Miranda

Rob McElhenney recently posted a photo of him with Lin Manuel Miranda and his wife on Instagram. The three are packed close together and look excited. Rob wrote,

“Best part of not getting nominated for Emmys is being able to stay out until 2 am drinking all the free booze at the parties thrown for said nominees. Also meeting your personal heroes.”

The post garnered more than 70,000 likes on Instagram and was shared numerous times. The fans flooded the comment section with comments adoring the three.

Many tagged numerous celebrities in the comment section to gain their attention or gear their attention towards the post. Some fans even wrote longer captions, where they mentioned the achievements of the respective actors.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Didn’t Receive Any Emmys

What gained more attention was where Rob McElhenney talked about the pros of not getting any Emmy nominations. That being the fact that one can hang out with friends. Some even stated that the individual deserved an Emmy or at least a nomination. The fans love the meetup. Each of the individuals has spoken highly about each other during interviews and categorize each other as brilliant actors. Referring to the lack of Emmys the for Always Sunny in Philadelphia, one fan wrote:

You don’ t need one, you have 13 seasons.

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