Anne Hathaway Charms in Modern Love Trailer

Give us anything with Anne Hathaway and we will watch it. And that too without any complaints. The actress is a powerhouse and everything she’s been in, she’s slayed. This time is no different. The actress is part of the new Amazon series Modern Love, and she looks absolutely stunning.

Anne Hathaway in Modern Love

Only about a week ago, the trailer for Amazon’s new series Modern Love was dropped. Though the name doesn’t really sell the show, trust as, after watching the trailer you wouldn’t want to miss it. Modern Love is an adaptation of real stories that have featured in the New York Times romance column. So, seeing as the content is honest, also as the cast is impeccable, we won’t miss the premiere for this show at any cost.

And before we talk about the cast, let us first fangirl over Anne Hathaway. The queen is back and she’s adamant on making us cry. The actress looked absolutely stunning in her character and honestly, the trailer was all it took for us to be sold for this show.

Get Ready to Fall in Love

Though the name of the show suggests it’s going to be a rom-com happy show, in the trailer, however, things aren’t as rosy as we initially thought. We’re offered a peek into the more dramatic facets of everyone’s favorite emotion. There’s couples counseling, relationship adultery, and pregnancy predicaments. Perhaps the most drama, though, is pouring out of Anne Hathaway,

The Star-Studded Cast

If Anne Hathaway is not a reason enough to make you watch Modern Love, perhaps you’ll change your mind when you hear who else is in the show. The cast of the show boasts of Tina Fey, yes the incredibly funny Tina fey and the king of subtle acting Dev Patel. Do you see just how much talent Modern Love holds? Even if the plot disappoints us, I’m sure we’ll fall in love with the characters. Because seriously when have we not liked anything with Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, and Dev Patel.

Modern Love premieres on October 8th, so mark your calendars.

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