Mark Ruffalo & Anne Hathaway In ‘Dark Waters’ | Trailer Out

The Truth Has A Man On The Inside

Focus Features has dropped the trailer of Dark Waters a few hours ago starring Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway as the lead characters. It is another true-events based story among a few others coming out this year. And it will definitely be one of those stories that shock you to the core.

Dark Waters | Movie Plot & Release Date

Inspired by a shocking true story, a tenacious attorney (Mark Ruffalo) uncovers a dark secret that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths. It all begins with the death of the cows, as seen in the trailer. There is something off about the rest of the people and Mark Ruffalo soon picks it up. The cause behind the deaths is one of the world’s largest corporations, DuPont. In the process to expose the company, he risks everything; his future, his family, and his own life to expose the truth. The movie Dark Waters release date is confirmed as November 22, 2019.

Anne Hathaway & Mark Ruffalo | Cast Reacts

Soon after Focus released the trailer of the movie, cast of the movie reacted on social media. The Avengers: Endgame star Mark Ruffalo disclosed how special this movie is to him. As he is playing the lead role in the movie, he can truly link to the real-life hero Robert Bilott.

Anna Hathaway, who plays the role of Mark Ruffalo’s wife in the movie as Sarah Bilott, also reacted to the trailer and shared how proud she is of this movie.

Whereas, Tim Robbins who plays the role of Tom terp, is equally proud to be a part of the movie Dark Waters.

What Caused The Deaths In Real Life

A lawsuit was drawn against a local water company and DuPont after mysterious deaths of the cattle in Wood County, West Virginia. The event happened in 1999 when a local farm family sued DuPont following the death of their cattle and ill-health of family members exposed to the water. We will not go into details how the lawsuit ended as it can serve as spoilers for the movie. 280 cattle died whereas the exposed persons were facing cancer, sinus issues, respiratory problems, and skin diseases.

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