Tom Felton Giving Emma Watson Guitar Lessons Sparks Romance Rumors

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As much as we liked Emma Watson in our childhood as the famous Hermione Granger, the hatred for Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) was equivalent to it. Our romantic side always had a thing for the gorgeous actress during the filming of the Harry Potter series. While most of us imagined her with Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), she ended up marrying Ron Weasley (Rubert Grint) as per the storyline of the series.

The Emma-Tom bond

However, the actors have a completely different social circle outside of their careers. One such case was spotted recently when the Harry Potter stars were seen in close contact. Where Tom Felton was teaching Emma to play the guitar. The photo was posted on Instagram by Tom Felton himself where he and Emma Watson were sitting in their pajamas, with Emma holding the guitar and Tom teaching her how to play it. The photo went viral minutes after it was posted and the fans had their own judgment to pass. Many commented on the cute bond that the two friends had, however, others had a different perspective on the matter. Theories of the two actors suspected to be dating were put forward by numerous fans on social media.

Emma Watson meets Tom Felton

Tom Felton and Emma Watson became friends when they first met on the set of the film back in 2000. The friendship has continued since then. The two actors have posed for photos on numerous occasions.  The United Nations also posted a photo on their Instagram, tagging Tom Felton in the caption, clarifying that he took it. Months earlier, the 29-year-old star posted a photo of herself with her friend on the beach. The bond has been strong since a decade, however, the fans might have other ideas for the two. Is it what the fans suspect or are the two just friends?

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