Justin Bieber Wants Another Ryan Gosling Movie

And So Do We!

Justin Bieber took to Instagram to reveal that he is a huge fan of the astounding actor, Ryan Gosling, It’s been some time since we last saw the actor in a movie. His last appearance was in First man (2018), where he played the role of Neil Armstrong; raveling the story of the first man on the moon. The film was directed by Daniel Chazelle and was nominated for four Oscars.

Justin Bieber; a fan?

One of the major fans of the actor is the singer, Justin Bieber. Justin recently posted a photo of Ryan Gosling on Instagram, where he was decked in his navy blue suit. He captioned the post with the following statement; It’s about time we get another movie from the man, the legend Ryan Gosling. What surprises the fans is the fact that a singer like Justin, who has never come forward to reveal his favorites, finally revealed on Instagram about his favorite actor.  The fans were more shocked than ever to hear the news. While some praised the bromance Justin pulled off, others took advantage of the caption and stated that it’s also about time that they received an album from the singer.  The post gained more than 1.7 million likes and gathered attention rapidly.

The Public’s Opinion

A few of the fans expect an answer from Ryan Gosling for the mature gesture from Justin. As of yet, there hasn’t been a response from Ryan Gosling, however, fans are determined to get one. It is not only Justin who’s a fan of the actor. His wife Hailey Rhode Bieber, also admires the English actor. She was often seen at premieres and spoke about Ryan Gosling during interviews as well. Just as the Bieber couple loves them, so do we! We’re curious to find out what the actor has, to deliver in his upcoming endeavors.

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