Rocko’s Modern Life Takes a Trans Story Line

We love it when shows are diverse and try to include all the minorities. LGBTQ representation in shows is common now though a show’s lead role is rarely from the LGBTQ community let’s not lose hope. The cartoon special of Rocko’s Modern Life on Netflix though is satisfying us in this regard. The show took a change in its storyline and we finally have some Trans representation in the cartoons.

The Trans Story Line in Rocko’s Modern Life

In the Netflix special, Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, we see the wallaby-cow-turtle trio return to Earth. However, unfortunately for them, everything has changed and we see them missing the 90’s. But then again don’t we all? The characters find it really hard to get used to this new world that is run by cellphones and wifi.

Rocko, however, wants to convince Mr. and Mrs. Bighead’s son Ralph to reboot The Fatheads, a cartoon show adored by the trio. But to everyone’s surprise, Ralph is no longer Ralph but Rachel. What we see next is a heartwarming supporting reaction of Rocko and the gang. However, Mr. Bighead is not so supportive. He says in a scene,

I can’t do this. I have no daughter. My son made the show. No son, no show.

To this his wife replies,

Oh, Ed, I wish you’d be more openminded.

This new storyline in Rocko’s Modern Life was very refreshing to see. We don’t know about you but we found the show to be more relatable. We really liked this Netflix special of Rocko’s Modern Life as they not only brought back characters from our childhood but they told a really worthwhile story.

See the show for yourself and tell us how you feel. Did you like it that they took a different storyline and used it to educate people? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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