These Proofs Suggest Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul Wedding Is Fake

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s wedding is the talk of the world from last few days. The couple got engaged last month and the preparations have been anything but normal. Keeping in view the past track record of Jake Paul, many fans did not believe him when he said he is really going to marry Tana. Jake Paul and fake marriages have been his way of getting ‘clout’. But this time, his partner-in-crime Tana Mongeau was all along with him. Followed by Arman Izadi getting ordained for the wedding. Though they spent $500,000 on the wedding and it really seems they really managed arranging the wedding in really short period of time. (too many really-s in one sentence, something is wrong). Even Logan Paul himself could not believe his brother until he got the invite. Well, A Twitter User Heather Chandler has come up with some proofs that the wedding is fake and not legally binding.

Proof. 1 | Arman Izadi Was Ordained, Not Licensed

Arman Izadi, the infamous member of Team 10, got ordained few days back for the wedding. Jake Paul shared the happy news on his Twitter handle few days back.

Heather, the Twitter user, shared this screenshot.

Which seems true because we also looked for Universal Life Church Ministries details, and the internet claims they ordain the willing person free of charge. And weddings solemnized by their ordained person is not recognized by majority of the states.

Proof. 2 | No Marriage License For Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau

Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau did not apply for marriage license. NO MARRIAGE LICENSE. Marriage licenses are applied for every legal marriage and they can be verified online. But apparently, no wedding license is available to be verified.

Getting marriage license is some other state does not work as well.  You arrange the license  from the state you are going to marry your significant other.

Proof.  3 | We Are Back To Arman Izadi

Nevada Marriage Officiant Public Search is available online. You can verify licensed officiants in Nevada using first name, last name, organization name and County.

So, they paid $500,000 for the wedding and charged $50 per viewer from those who were streaming the wedding online.

Proof. 4 | Bizarre Things At The Wedding

In a recent article by BuzzFeed, we got all the updates expected from Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul wedding. Though the couple got a private jet for the friends & family and flew them all to Vegas. They hired a Graffiti Mansion for the event and the couple exchanged their vows there. Shortly after they said “I Do”, a fight broke out when someone poured wine on Jake Paul. (Staged?) Arman Izadi started punching that guy and a brawl broke out.

The reporter of BuzzFeed who attended the event said the event seemed small compared to the amount of money spent i.e. $500,000. The wedding reception was in the middle of a mall, right next to Zara. The weather was hot and there were rugs instead of red carpets. Jake Paul did not give interview to the media.

Logan Paul Doesn’t Think the Marriage Will Last

Logan Paul, however, had some interesting things to say.

There was an Oprah impersonator.

Jake Paul destroyed the cake.

They left the wedding reception in separate cars.

So, was the journey from Jake Paul Girlfriend to Jake Paul wife was all fake? Time will tell.

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