Bella Hadid Looks Exactly like Gigi Hadid Now!

The world was lucky enough to get introduced to Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid when their mother Yolanda was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ever since then, the two have been stalked for their iconic styles. As they rose to become popular supermodels, fans started using their hair colors to tell them apart. While Gigi was a blonde, Bella was a brunette. But looks like we’ll need something else to distinguish between the Hadid sisters now. With Bella’s latest Instagram snap, fans definitely needed a moment to tell who’s featured.

Bella Hadid Goes Back to Her Natural Hair Color with New Look

Supermodel Bella has returned back to her original hair color. While she went with brown hair, she had previously revealed that the move was intentional considering that she was a blonde by birth. Although they are not twins, the Hadid sisters resembled one another a lot. But with hair colors, it was quick to tell them apart. Now with Bella’s recent snap, fans are wondering what is going on.

Bella Hadid shared a picture of herself in her Instagram stories while playing  around with a big horse. But her hair has been dyed a light shade of blond bearing an insane resemblance to her sister Gigi Hadid. While the color goes perfectly for the new summer look, and Bella is certainly rocking it, fans are wondering if the Hadid sisters have looked so much alike ever. While we are used to of seeing Bella change her looks often, the model previously went with dramatic ones.

Simple honey blond highlights suit Bella much, and we won’t be surprised if this hair color ranks to the top in public as well very soon!

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