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Shane Dawson’s most awaited video is finally out on YouTube. He was on a YouTube break from the last 5 months. During this time, he kept collaborating with other influencers like Jeffree Star. His new video surprised everyone as the topic was totally unexpected. It was about a YouTuber Eugenia Cooney who was recovering from an eating disorder.

Amazing Chemistry Between Shane Dawson and Eugenia Cooney

While the two discussed some important details about Eugenia’s life and what unfolded, we couldn’t help but notice how wholesome their friendship was. Shane and Eugenia are both known as very nice people but their chemistry with each other was adorable, to say the least.

Not only that but rather the two got along very well. The way they joked around with each other was effortless. Plenty of times Shane is joking about his own self or his lack of skills when it came to makeup and Eugenia just finding it all hilarious.

Though, Eugenia was pretty sweet and even helped Shane Dawson in putting on the perfect eyeliner. We’re hoping that Eugenia Cooney starts a makeup channel now because those eyeliners’ skills are amazing.

They Just Want Help The World

Perhaps the most heartwarming moment in all of the video was how the two could relate to each other. Shane Dawson himself suffers from an eating disorder on his own. He was overweight as a child and through his teen years so it’s always been a struggle for him to love his own body. So to understand Eugenia was not something impossible for him. Of course, her journey is wholly unique to her but it was something Shane Dawson had went through himself. It was apparent how Shane was trying to make her feel comfortable through him sharing his own experience with it.

Both Eugenia Cooney and Shane Dawson ultimately have a positive message to spread to the world. It is to be kind and help whenever they possibly can. In fact, that is why Eugenia decided to do the video with Shane in the first place. She wanted the world to know her story so that it could benefit people out there, especially those suffering from something like she did.

Here’s what Eugenia had to say about doing the video with Shane:

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