Why Lindsay Lohan Got Naked On Instagram

33 might be the new 22! ‘Mean Girls’ star, Lindsay Lohan has come a long way since that movie. Right before her 33rd birthday, Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram to post a naked picture of herself. She took the photo in front of what looks like a full-length mirror in her bedroom. She can be seen sitting on the floor, with her legs crossed in a cheeky pose that ensures she doesn’t reveal too much. Captioning the picture with emojis of a bowtie and birthday cake, “🎀 🎂”, she seductively set the mood for her birthday.

Even though she wasn’t wearing any clothes, she didn’t shy away from some good old jewelry. A simplistic gold ring and bangles helped subtly accentuate her appearance.

If nothing else, birthdays are definitely the time to feel special. This particular Instagram post shows Lindsay Lohan in all her boldness and glory. Perhaps she was trying to make herself feel special by reminding herself how beautiful she is. It’s not easy to summon the courage to share your physical appearance with the rest of the world on such a public platform. Even if you look like Lindsay Lohan! So we hope she’s feeling as special as she should on the eve of her birthday.

Lohan also posted two videos on her Instagram story from a “pre-birthday” dinner celebration with her friends at a restaurant. “How cool is this?” I love it!” she said as she panned the camera around the table.

Lindsay Lohan Making A Comeback

We know it hasn’t been easy for Lindsay Lohan these past few months. As her somewhat controversial ‘Playboy’ past seems to follow her around, she’s been more than irritated and eager to get rid of it. This naked selfie is a bold statement on Lohan’s part showing that she’s not the same girl anymore but that she can still be sexy without other implications involved.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan will probably be releasing some new music later this year! Back in June, she re-tweeted a post about her new music and said she was “hard at work”. Let’s see what she comes up with! In the meantime, happy birthday Lindsay!

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