The Rock Confirms Ballers Return With A New Season

Ballers is on its way to release a fifth season with The Rock after airing its very successful season 4. The last season ended in October with the Anderson financial manager Spencer Strasmore (Johnson) having his career going topsy turvy with NCAA. With the last season ending on its ninth episode, Ballers season 5 is expected in 2019.

It may just be aired this summer, considering all seasons in the past premiered in the same time of the year. However, there’s no guarantee.

The Rock Posted The News On His Instagram

Despite Rock’s busy schedule, the former WWE wrestler took time out to inform fans about the upcoming season on his Instagram handle. With three movies scheduled for 2019, The Rock still sets aside time to continue Ballers as Johnson Spencer, the football financial manager. 

Apparently Dwayne Johnson can relate to his character personally. He even went to point out similarities between him and the character he plays by saying they are ‘exactly one in the same’.

This series has been a helluva learning curve to produce and star in – but what will always matter most is you guys making us HBO’s #1 highest rated 30min show for years now.

Recapping Season 4 Of Ballers

Last season ended with Spencer having an emotional moment on his brother’s grave. Spencer sued NCAA, causing the show ending on a rough note. The Anderson financial manager blamed NCAA publicly for his brother’s suicide. The Rock has left us on an end with suspense.

What To Expect In Ballers Season 5?

The show has yet to uncover what happens after Spencer decides to fight the legal battle against NCAA. We do not know if the law suit is still there. Or whether not yet clear if his lawsuit is still in play and how he will (or won’t) resolve his issues with the NCAA. It is especially unclear as the season ends with Spencer saying “f**k the NCAA” to his dead brother. This could mean anything, The Rock has certainly left us wanting for more.

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