Lili Reinhart Urges Fans To Be Careful When Using Uber

The Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart is worried about the safety of herself and her fans. With her latest frightening Uber experience, she has warned the public to be more careful. It seems like Uber and related applications have made traveling a whole lot easier. But Reinhart is reminding the public that they may not be as safe as they seem. In fact. her own scary experience with a fake Uber driver has made the actress more cautious of the situation. Now that she has shared it to Twitter, a lot many others need to trust their gut too!

Lili Reinhart Had a Frightening Uber Experience With Fake Driver

Over the weekend, the Riverdale actress took to Twitter to recount her scary experience with Uber. Recently, she was ushered by a man pretending to be an airport cab or Uber driver who had been assigned her ride. Naturally, trusting that he was doing his job, Lili Reinhart followed him to the car. But on reaching the vehicle, she observed that there were no signs to indicate that the vehicle was used in a professional car service like Uber. The absence of any stickers or monitoring mobile confirmed to her that the driver was fake. Before getting in, she trusted her gut and refused to take the ride.

Using her own experience, Lili Reinhart is encouraging followers to exercise more caution about their safety. She added that we should all trust out gut and make smart decisions. In fact, she claimed that we need not worry about coming off as rude or being pressurized by the need to be nice. Instead, we should just try to save ourselves.

Reinhart’s message comes just a while after a college student was found dead after entering a car she presumed to be Uber. While safety concerns are running high, Lili’s Uber experience might save a lot of people out there!

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