Aidan Gallagher Releasing “For You” On 7th June

Aidan Gallagher is on his journey to become a true star. His focus is mostly on his music career and environmentalism since The Umbrella Academy wrapped up its season 1. He has released three tracks this year and the 4th one is coming out in 10 days. The track titled For You is set to be released on 7th June.

Aidan Gallagher Releases 1-Minute Teaser Of For You

Aidan Gallagher has recently released a 1-minute teaser of his track For You. Evidently, the song is produced and engineered by Gallagher himself. With this, it also becomes the first track that he has solely produced and engineered. The track is an original romantic pop-rock ballad about undying love.

If you don’t defend me, I can’t guarantee my heart will survive.

This song is different from his previous releases and we can definitely say that Aidan Gallagher knows his music. He is versatile, his songs are brilliant and his fans are in awe of him.  What we love about his music is; he releases different versions of his solos. We are hoping there will be more versions of For You as well.

You can listen to the teaser here:

Acoustic Version Of For You

Aidan Gallagher shared the acoustic/live version of For You on Dec 26, 2018, on his YouTube channel. He performed that during the Malibu Fair last year where he is showcasing percussive guitar talent.  Thus, it is quite a beautiful track and a must-check for all the music lovers.

Aidan Gallagher’s Released Songs

Gallagher has released four club versions of his original track Blue Neon this year. The duet with Trinity Rose titled Miss You was released on April 26, 2019. His Umbrella Academy inspired track Time released on May 10th. And now, For You is releasing on 7th June. Unfortunately, it also marks the end of announced releases for now.

Possible Upcoming Releases

Though For You is the last track of the announced releases for now, but we are hoping that the 2nd half of 2019 will bring us more of Aidan Gallagher’s brilliant originals. One of the upcoming songs could be his original track titled Let’s Get Lost.

The song made an acoustic debut during Malibu Fair last year along with For You.

Aidan Gallagher also performed another one of his original songs titled Within Her Eyes on the same day. Though, this song is yet to be released and it can be one of the originals coming later this year.

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