Did Kevin From Brooklyn Nine-Nine Become Shaun in The Good Place?

We all love The Good Place. We all love Brooklyn Nine Nine. Both the shows are on NBC, and these are just enough reasons for them to have a crossover already. It’s not like the shows are running completely oblivious of the existence of the other. Eleanor’s ‘Noice’ moments on The Good Place are the most obvious ode to the Jake Peralta legacy. And while Brooklyn Nine Nine may not talk about death and afterlife that often, it does unapologetically borrow people from its comedic friend.  Ever since Brooklyn Nine Nine had moved to NBC for its Season 6, there have been hopes for a crossover. The network is; however, yet to tap on such an opportunity. And before it actually does so, it can really take some cues in the wishes of mutual fans about the prospect. The Good Place Season 4, Marc Evan Jackson, Brooklyn Good Place Crossover

The most recent Brooklyn episode, ‘The Bimbo’ featured the second guest appearance of the seasoned Marc Evan Jackson as Raymond’s husband Dr Kevin Cozner on the show. Jackson has been an integral part of Brooklyn’s returning guest cast since the show’s inception.  Aside from Brooklyn, Jackson also recurs on another noted NBC comedy, The Good Place, as the undying devil, Shawn.

Marc Evan Jackson Reappears On Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6. Is He Really Shawn From The Bad Place?

The recent episode marked Jackson’s second appearance on Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6, which this time happened for more dubious reasons. Despite the lack of conviction; however, fans were just as enthusiastic as always about Kevin’s return. The Good Place Season 4

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 had initially teased the appearance of Marc Evan Jackson on the show in a tweet a day before the episode aired. Overwhelmed, fans took the tweet by storm and started to draw comparisons between the appearance of Jackson on Brooklyn and on The Good PlaceThe Good Place Season 4

Fans Theorize A Possible Crossover Plot line

A fan wrote,

That’s not kevin that’s shaun from the bad place”

In response to which, another fan quickly tweeted,

Shaun is Kevin from the future, who becomes so heartbroken when Raymond passes away. (VERY far into the future, peacefully, and surrounded by friends and family). When he passes away himself he attempts to overthrow the afterlife to get his beloved back. #weirdheadcanons”

The Good Place To Have Multiple Crossovers In Season 4?

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