Crossover On The Cards For The Good Place Season 4 And Stranger Things Season 3?

Well so says the show's official Twitter handle's latest clip

The Emmys have repeatedly given nods to Netflix’s favourite full-bodied Sci-Fi series, Stranger Things, for a reason. The show, which propels its out-of-ordinary narrative with an evocative, nostalgic tone, has maintained fine proportions of observance and genius in its two-season run. That is certainly something the makers really want to tap on before Stranger Things returns with its Season 3 this July.

Over the years, Stranger Things has demonstrated its sharp awareness even in its outlandish plot lines. The show is set in the 80’s. Hence, it mostly keeps its relevance limited to its premise rather than the world outside. This is a general perception of the series’ narrative ambition. But it’s something that will inevitably change as Netflix is blowing the lid off the subtle references the supernatural series has made towards other shows from its real-time epoch. The Good Place Season 4  Premiere Date

Everything inside Stranger Things is way too unusual to fit into the millennial settings of popular shows. There is; hence, less opportunity for the show to draw a parallel with other successful series to obtain more viewership. Yet, there is always a setting that remains relatable to all kinds of entertainment. Something that is timeless: the afterlife, people have died before, people are dying today, and they will continue to do so until the end of times. This is just a universal fact.

What happens to them once they depart is something that has received the same level of intrigue in all by-gone eras, and its something that will be just as riveting and fascinating in the times to come.

Stranger Things Had Referenced The Good Place In Its First Season

When we talk about after-life, there is just one show that we can almost immediately talk about, and no it is certainly not the Ricky Gervais starrer, a Netflix series of the same namesake. We are talking about The Good Place. This TV gem, has the ability to hinge itself to almost any other work of art.

Recently, through its official Twitter handle, Stranger Things released a clip from the fourth chapter of its freshman season. It was a teaser defining the most fine-drawn acknowledgement by one TV show of another. The Good Place Season 4  Premiere Date

Eleanor From The Bad Place Arrives At Hawkins

In the episode, the boys along with Eleven try to break into the AV room to access the radio. Much to their misfortune, their science teacher, Scott Clarke (Randy Havens), intervenes as the club tries to get sneaky. Upon confrontation, the squad excuses their way out of the mayhem by convincing their teacher that they needed ‘alone time’ to ‘cry’ over their friend’s sudden demise.

Moved by the overwhelming emotions Clarke offers the boys his sympathies and even permits them to use the radio. Later, noticing Eleven, Clarke asks her about where is she from. Dumbfounded, El introduces herself to Clarke as ‘Eleanor’ from the ‘Bad Place’; thus paving way for a ‘spiritual connect’. The boys quickly correct ‘Eleanor’ by lying about her being from Sweden, and her hating the place because ‘it’s too cold there’.

One big takeaway from this startling revelation is the number of Easter eggs we might have missed during the course of the show. If they had been anything important; Netflix would have made sure that we know about them well enough! The Good Place Season 4  Premiere Date

Crossover On The Cards For The Good Place Season 4 And Stranger Things Season 3

It remains a mystery whether this teaser was just a gimmick to pull in more internet attention, or if it has more weight than what we have calculated. At the moment, there are rounds of a possible crossover between The Umbrella Academy Season 2 and Stranger Things Season 3. But if I really have to make a choice, I would definitely call for a Stranger Things- Good Place crossover. The Good Place Season 4  Premiere Date

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