Ike Barinholtz’s Take On Mueller’s Report Investigating Trump-Russia Scam

The Mueller report has declared Trump as not guilty of colluding with Russia for the presidential election against Hillary Clinton. Many celebrities that are critics of Trump didn’t shy away from voicing their opinions on the matter. One particular response from Ike Barinholtz was hilariously sarcastic.

Ike Barinholtz Taunting Tweet On Mueller’s Report

The Muller’s Report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally presents the most awaited  Mueller report to Attorney General William Barr’s office on Friday. The report, however, is an investigation into Russian interference in the last presidential election. It cleared Trump of all the charges that could have gotten him impeached.

The Jokes On Twitter

As soon as the report arrived, Twitter and other social media platforms released hilarious memes, posts and images on the issue.

Ike Barinholtz Created ‘The Oath’ criticizing Donald Trump

Ike Barinholtz, the popular, The Mindy Project actor has stepped into direction via a 2018 black comedy film ‘The Oath’. The plot of the film, in fact, exhibited that the people across America have to sign a controversial political document, “The Patriot’s Oath” (to the U.S. president), by Black Friday. Meanwhile, a  couple hosts a Thanksgiving dinner in which political discussion about this political Oath among their family members sparked violence.

Barinoltz, thus, credited US President Donald Trump to give him the idea of The Oath. The actor/director wrote

“The movie grew out of the Thanksgiving dinner two years ago at my house in Los Angeles, We got into a nasty fight about politics — and we had all voted the same way against Trump. So I woke up the next morning and thought ‘I’ve got make a movie about this”

Apparently, it looks like the Chicago actor does not support Trump’s Legacy, yet on the Mueller’s issue, the display is quite contrasting.

Since nothing exceptional has dug out from the two-year-long awaited collections, the public is, therefore, criticizing the writing . Mueller is “not recommending any further indictments,” a senior DOJ official told Fox News.

Celebs React On The Report

Hence, not just the general population, but, the celebrities from all states flooded on Twitter to comment

Billy Eichner:

“At this point, I would not be surprised if the Mueller report ends with “oh and Eva Longoria did Watergate. Thank you.”

Jim Carrey stated:

“The Mueller report is out! The question now is…how low will this Barr go?”

Isaac Barinholtz aka Ike Barinholtz is an American comedian, actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for his role as a cast member on the comedy series MADtv, Eastbound & Down and The Mindy Project

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