The Veep’s Selina Meyer’s Autobiography Is Now An Amazon Bestseller

Good shows become an important part of our lives. But when it comes to absolute knockouts like HBO’s Veep, which know how to do things differently, they inspire other works of art that also become a part of our lives. As for the case of Veep, which will premiere its final Season 7 on March 31st, its lead star Selina Meyer has fashioned her chronicles into an autobiography. And the book ‘A Woman First: First Woman: The Deeply Personal Memoir by the Former President’ is now an Amazon best-seller. The Julia Louis-Dreyfus political parody is topping the charts in all relevant genres. In fact, the book carries a 5-star rating on Amazon. 

The Adventures Of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Alter Ego Selina Meyer

Julia Louis- Dreyfus returned to TV after a two year-long hiatus to conclude a magnificent journey she had embarked on 7 years back.  The comedian and actress spent her forced break fighting a deadly battle against breast cancer. Later, she took subsequent time off to recover from the lingering impacts of the disease. Once she was back in good health, Louis-Dreyfus did resume the shoot for her Emmy-winning satire, but only to wrap it up for good.

Now that Veep is ready to shuffle off this mortal coil with a final Season 7, Louis-Dreyfus’ alter ego Selina Meyer has penned down a memoir, all to preserve the annals the Veep had ever narrated.

What Is The Selina Meyer Autobiography About?

The Selina Meyer autobiography takes us back to a quaint suburban Maryland setting where a happy-go-lucky child shows enormous capabilities in dealing with the struggles of real people in real time. The memoir also narrates how a humanitarian, feminist idol Eleanor Roosevelt imbued an impact on the way a little Selina Meyer perceived the world around her.

The book’s synopsis reads:

‘With wit, wisdom, eloquence, and fearless honesty, Selina Meyer reveals for the first time what really goes on in the halls of power. It does not leave the mention of the ultimate hall, the White House. It’s all here: the triumphs, the tragedies, the personalities, and the momentous events that have shaped our times. The events that brought together in a page-turning tale told as only Selina Meyer could tell it. The book follows Selina Meyer’s compassion, her sense of humor, her grace. It also narrates accounts of her uncommon willingness to bare her heart make this story revelatory. The beautifully rendered text is unlike any other president’s memoir ever written. First Woman: A Woman First would be a fitting title for a book about Selina Meyer, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Amelia Earhart. But in this case, it is about Selina Meyer.’

Buy The Book Amazon Now!

The Selina Meyer autobiography is available for retail on Amazon’s online book store. The 224-pager has a portfolio of only positive reviews. The book is available on Amazon starting March 19th. An audio book version will also soon be available.

Veep Final Season 7 Premieres 31st March

Veep Season 7 premieres March 31st! It will compose of only seven episodes, down from a regular order of 10 episodes. The team had two years to figure out where the political America would land with the Veep’s finale. And for that reason audience is hopeful that some quality comedy will soon come their way.

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