James Charles Fame Gridlocks Birmingham UK!

As far as the beauty community of YouTube is involved, there are some global favorites. And definitely, James Charles is on top of the list. From his exceptional collabs to his Morphe palette, Charles as recently been a hit. But what we probably did not expect was the mass greeting he got at Birmingham recently. Apparently, a major gridlock made many drivers stuck in traffic. Many had to abandon their cars because 8000 teenagers screamed to greet the makeup YouTuber. This turnout may shock a lot, but to James Charles it was normal!

Birmingham Faces Gridlock as 8000 Teenagers Rush to See 30-second James Charles Appearance

You won’t imagine an entire city being disrupted just because a 19-year old star from the beauty community of YouTube decided to drop by. But that is what happened! James Charles made a 30 second appearance at a beauty store opening. Consequently, Birmingham was brought to a standstill.

Although many people are in awe that there was a gridlock just because the YouTuber chose to visit for 30 seconds, the turnout is pretty normal for Charles himself. As radio show host O’Brien searched for explanations for 8000 excited teenagers causing a gridlock, Charles himself offered one for the baffled star. Especially because O’Brien did not know who Charles is despite reading the newspaper every day.

James made a tweet expressing how his Uber driver tuned into the radio to hear how Charles opening up a makeup store had locked the city down. But since the host did not know who the makeup YouTuber was, he himself called in to update him on sisterhood.

As far as the gridlock is concerned, James Charles believes its all normal. Previously, he attracted more than 10,000 people to his meet and greet in Toronto. So, the city authorities believe that if they knew about it, they would have made some arrangements!

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