Is Rihanna’s New Fenty Concealer Collection Jeffree Star Approved?

Everyone was pretty excited when famous pop-star Rihanna released her beauty line known as Fenty Beauty back in September of 2017. It garnered a lot of popularity for possessing numerous shades for its foundations and concealers. Recently, she released a new line of concealers for Fenty Beauty. And the queen of make-up reviews on YouTube, Jeffree Star, thought to review it for us. It wasn’t sponsored so it gave a pretty unbiased view of the whole collection. Read on to see if the new Fenty concealer collection is Jeffree star approved or not.

The YouTuber also applied their new foundations on his face to see how well it blends in with the concealers. In the video he put out, it seems like he truly does adore the look it gives him. Though, the setting powders did give him a bit of a dry look that he did not want.

Moreover, Jeffree star didn’t understand why there was a need to have highly priced synthetic brushes to apply the foundations and concealers. One of the brushes even cost $2 more than the foundation itself! Plus, the make-up guru did not think the brushes were worth buying. So, he advised on to use a hand instead or just any regular drugstore brush. Jeffree even commended the luxurious packaging the Fenty foundations and concealers came in.

Jeffree Star Approved?

But is Rihanna’s new Fenty concealer collection Jeffree Star approved?

The answer is yes! It sure is. It definitely pleased Jeffree Star who was loving the look it gave him. He approved of the formula used. However, the setting powder did give him a bit of dryness that he wasn’t hoping for. But, overall the make-up artist was a fan of it. Of course, it’s still worth nothing that Fenty’s collection stands out for being very inclusive by offering a variety of shades for any skin tone possible.

You can check out the entire video here!

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