Exclusive New Footage Of Lindsay Lohan Dancing In Mykonos Has Everyone Obsessed

You haven’t probably heard of Lindsay Lohan in a long time, right? The last we heard of the popular Mean Girls actress was when she was seen harassing a migrant family. But now Lohan is back into the game. And well, already stealing quite the limelight. Recently, Lohan was seen filming a reality series for MTV in Mykonos. And we were promised infinite footage of the actress living her best life on the Greek island. But unfortunately, little slipped out. We finally got our hands on something that will make your day. And that’s what we should expect out of this upcoming series. In a video that went viral on the internet, Lohan can be seen dancing at a beach club. Looks pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Lindsay Lohan Dancing at the Beach Club in Mykonos Video Steals the Show Online

When we heard that TMZ was filming a reality series in Mykonos by following Lindsay Lohan around the Lohan Beach House, everybody was pretty excited. We were promised loads of videos of Lohan enjoying her life on the Greek island. But what we got was just one clip that slipped out very recently. And now we know what exactly to expect in the upcoming series.

In a video that quickly went viral on the internet for all the right reasons, Lohan is spotted dancing as she gets down to her beach club. To the tune of a remix of Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk, she puts forward her footwork, snapping fingers, and flipping hair. This video had already taken over the internet as dozens of memes poured out. But that’s not it. Another video of the same party surfaced, and this time Lindsay Lohan is singing along to Madonna’s Vogue.

The internet might be really roasting the hell out of Lindsay. But well, is there any chance that these carefree dance moves could be some unique choreography? Busy Phillips and Kelly Oxford actually tried to replicate her moves in the kitchen. And concluded that it’s way harder than it seems. So maybe, Lohan was not just dancing her worries off. But was actually following some moves that she had to learn specifically for shooting the TMZ series in Mykonos.

Let’s see if any more details slip out. As for this video, this is probably just promotion of the upcoming reality series. And looks like it’s going great. The internet is already captured in its awe, more because we haven’t seen Lindsay Lohan out partying in just so long!

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