Rihanna Teases New Concealer for Fenty Beauty

It has been just some days in 2019, and Fenty Beauty is already making it great for all makeup lovers out here. Rihanna has revealed some breaking beauty news for people, and it’s actually quite thrilling for all makeup enthusiasts. In a makeup tutorial, she has shared that her makeup line just got more inclusive because she is introducing a new concealer for our dark circles. And that too, in 50 new shades. The new collection launches on 11th January. And Fenty Beauty has promised creamier, crease-proof and long-wearing concealers for 2019. So basically, it’s perfect for anybody who wants to hide out their holiday hangovers before they have to go into work again. Plus, Rihanna has uploaded a makeup tutorial using it on her own face to demonstrate how they work. And could makeup lovers be any more excited?

Fenty Beauty Soon Releasing New Concealers in 50 Shades

Rihanna has released a new makeup tutorial for anybody who is feeling busted after the festive season. And she has posted it on the Fenty Beauty YouTube channel. To cover up any blemishes or eye bags, the makeup mogul is seen using the new Pro Filt’r Concealer. And while testing it out on her own face, she has explained to fans how they can use it to hide their skin imperfections. Applying the concealer to the right places will immediately help recover from the holiday exhaustion and over indulgence in food and especially, drinks.

She began her tutorial by saying that it was January making it perfectly clear why we needed makeup. And well, as she said herself Fenty Beauty to the rescue! She revealed that the new concealers which come out on 11th January correspond to the shades of their Pro Filt’r foundations. So as long as people knew their foundation shade, they were all set. While demonstrating the use procedure with one of the shades, she gave out a tip. And that is to place the concealer on back of the hand first. Because that way it will have more scarcity when she picks it up.

Basically, that one makeup tutorial is your complete and perfect guide on how to apply the concealer in the way it is meant to be. The collection comes out soon, and the concealers cost 26$ each. And well, there are 50 new shades which means a whole 10 more than the shades available in foundations.

Rihanna and Fenty Beauty are really making 2019 worth it!

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