Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser Premiered With Release Date Announcement

‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Gets a July 2019 Release Confirmation

Isn’t it whoopee to receive the Netflix New Year’s gift at midnight- ‘The Stranger Thing season 3 Teaser with premiere date announcement’! Fans! get ready to receive the 2019 summer fireworks blast in Hawkins Indiana. The third season will debut on July 4, 2019.

Netflix Announced Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere Date

Surprisingly, the streaming giant released a video clip with our favorite Stranger Things season 3 glimpses. The video intentionally produced computer interruptions with a weird message, “When blue and yellow meet in the west.”

The Most Watched Netflix Show- Stranger Things

The third most-watched season of Netflix original content in the U.S. is back again with the third season. Stranger things, which is set in the 80’s fictive land of Hawkins, Indiana. The show demonstrated rich pop-culture details from 80’s decade. Will Byers surprisingly disappears from the town while playing D&D with his friends.

Secondly, the theme encircled a secret government laboratory, Eleven, a young girl with psychokinetic abilities and other creepy atmospheres and characters. The supernatural events dramatically presented the true portrait of 80’s pop culture.

After the highly acclaimed first season of 2016, stranger things opened its second season with nine episodes on October 27, 2017. Subsequently, Netflix announced a third season in December 2017, with eight episodes. This season is set to be released on independence day, 2019. According to the authorities, Stranger Things will probably end after its fourth or fifth season.

The Acclamation Stranger Things Received

In fact, Stranger Things is a well-known show which received 31 Emmy Award nominations, four Golden Globe Award nominations. In addition, the series has won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2016.

What’s Inside The Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser

Notably, the recent teaser of Stranger Things revealed all eight episode titles. Netflix has perhaps established this trend of showcasing the upcoming titles with every season of Stranger Things. However, these episode titles are just inexplicable.

Furthermore, the popular Twitter post last night reveals some peculiar aspects of Hawkins dwellers. You can even watch Eleven and Mike holding hands at the Independence Day. Meanwhile, no fan can ignore the poster showcasing the celebrating cast under firework-sky.

Even more, the show creators, Ross and Matt Duffer tipped-off the grand entry of Starcourt Mall in the new season; amidst the summer of 1985. Next, the teaser also highlighted that on New Years’ Eve 1985, some news service experience interruptions from a government agency. The broadcast entails bizarre maxims like “when blue and yellow meet in the west” etc.

Stranger Things was indeed a true demonstrator of ’80s-culture twined with spooky aura and young performances. Despite Season 2 has some loopholes in the plot, yet the overall impression is enormously positive.

Previously, Netflix posted all the episodes at once, The same  trend might repeat however this showcasing format is yet not confirmed. But here’s what we can expect from Stranger Things Season 3.

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