Why Blockbuster Hits Are Not Oscar Nomination Material

Why do movies that are considered blockbuster hits never mostly make it into Oscar nominations?

With the New Year approaching, the biggest Hollywood event is closer. The Oscar awards is only a few months away. About two months away more specifically. The nominations for the awards are yet to be announced. Meanwhile, everyone has had their say about which movies should be nominated this year. There is a chance that a blockbuster movie can be nominated this year. However, there is a reason why blockbuster hits are usually not nominated for Oscars.

How Oscar Nominations Were a Question

One thing that always bothered me about Oscar nominations was that they did not nominate movies that were huge blockbuster hits. The movies that were usually nominated were getting release dates just before the Oscars. Would it not be better to vote on a movie that was around longer and watched by people. Moreover, it was always a question about how movies were nominated? What was the criteria on which they were nominated.

How Oscar Nominations Work?

All these questions were answered a few years back when I learned about the Luncheon that is hosted each year by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences-the institute that gives away the Oscars. Now this Luncheon is where the Oscar nominations meet wit the Academy members. These Academy members vote for them. It seemed weird so I looked into it and down the golden gilded rabbit hole I went.

The Jury

It will interest you to know that the majority of the jury that votes for Oscars nominations is mostly white men. Former winners and nominations are also added to the body of voters once the nominations have been declared. Now consider, for over 90 years, white men have mostly winners who were white.It is a vicious cycle that makes OscarsSoWhite movement understandable. So, the point is that the jury has a type of movies that they are more likely to vote for. They do not vote for movies that are loved by people. They vote for movies that are suitable for their viewing and judgement. Their criteria for scoring a movie are different from a normal moviegoer.

The Exclusivity

Since most of the movies that are nominated for Oscars are not watch by ordinary movie goers, they are not open for public judgement. That means that it is the Oscar jury that is telling us which movies are actually better. It is like the most expensive movie recommendation. It has been recorded that the Oscar nomination alone can boost a movie’s performance at the box office.

The Festivals

How do the Academy voters break down a whole year’s worth of movies? Blockbusters being among those. The thing is, they don’t really watch blockbuster hits. They watch acclaimed movies from film festivals from around the world. Every year, movies are submitted to various film festivals like Cannes Film Festival or Tribeca Film Festival. These festivals are the events where all kinds of movies are submitted. However, there are rules when it comes to showcasing movies.Then these movies are voted on by the jury on these festivals. The winners are the shortlist from the film festivals. These movies are mostly kept from worldwide release until very close to the Oscars.

The Money Game

So even if you have been lucky enough to showcase your movie at the film festivals. You also got to win the festival juries, you have to have a lot of money for Oscar season. Why? Well, any production that wants its movie to be nominated has to hold special screenings for jury members. You can accompany those screenings with meals and treats and favors. It’s like your chances of winning are better if you do more. So, if you don’t have money to hold screenings, you can kiss almost kiss your chances goodbye. It’s like when you’re in school and you will only get participation certificate if you show up in the match.

Why Blockbusters Don’t Make it?

The criteria for Oscar nominated movies is pretty expensive and time consuming. Movies that are considered blockbusters are released for public entertainment. They are usually released between the months of March to November. Months between that are considered award season. The production houses really spend a lot on the movie releases, It does not seem that the blockbusters productions are likely to not showcase their movies for the jury.

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