Kylie Jenner Gifts Baby Stormi Webster Mini Lamborghini

It looks like beauty mogul and American reality television star Kylie Jenner is too excited for her daughter’s first Christmas. And maybe that’s why she is spoiling baby Stormi Webster a bit too much already ahead of Christmas. Might sound unbelievable, but what appears to be an early present for her is a mini Lamborghini. And that too, covered in Louis Vuitton’s iconic logo print. While Kylie shared the news on her social media, she added that her daughter was like her mother. Probably that’s a reference to how Jenner herself owns a Lamborghini which she posed with back in September. But what might make you incredibly jealous of Stormi is that she even owns a mini Ferrari. Well, her mother owns a huge mansion and Stormi needs adequate transportation to move around it, doesn’t she?

Baby Stormi Webster Adds Another Car to Her Collection

Previously, Stormi owned just a mini Ferrari to ride around her mom’s mansion. But probably that wasn’t enough because Kylie Jenner gifted her daughter a mini Lamborghini covered in Louis Vuitton print for Christmas. The mini car costs almost $460 on Amazon. But there is no doubt that with the designer print, Kylie had to pay a lot more. But that shouldn’t really be a problem because after all she is the youngest billionaire to exist.

Kylie Jenner shared the news of this on her Instagram captioning the story, ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’. And that’s maybe because the KUWTK star herself owned a Lamborghini which she posed with back in September. But surprisingly, baby Stormi Webster is not the only one who was gifted a car on Christmas. The ‘almost’ husband Travis Scott gifted his girlfriend a custom icy blue Rolls-Royce earlier this month. And that car is almost goals too with its glitter ceiling and monogrammed interior.

Even if you are secretly envying baby Stormi, let’s just wish the happy family a Merry Christmas!


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