Kathy Griffin Mocks Megyn Kelly Using Obama’s Santa Picture

When it comes to annihilating people with her jokes, Kathy Griffin is a master! She’s using the festive mood of Christmas to drag Megyn Kelly to the ground. But the best part about it is that she’s using the former beloved president, Barrack Obama’s Santa picture to do so.

Obama Does Charity in Children’s Hospital Wearing a Santa Costume

This year for Christmas, Children’s National Medical Center is getting the former president to give them presents! This real Santa brought joy and a festive mood for all the children just in time for the holidays. It’s an endearing moment that would bring a smile on anyone’s face, even The Grinch’s.

Apart from applauding this amazing gesture, Kathy Griffin used it to teach Megyn Kelly a lesson!

Kathy Griffin Saw the Perfect Opportunity

Kathy Griffin is referencing the racist comments Megyn Kelly made in 2013 where she insinuated that Santa can only be white. A couple of years later, she still hadn’t learned her lesson and made other racist remarks saying that blackface was completely all right in Halloween. This move got her fired from her NBC show and she ended up taking a $30 million deal with her exit. And Griffin is known for being ruthless when it comes to expressing hatred for the current president Donald Trump. That move landed her in a controversy which made her lose her job at New Year’s Eve Live and all major production companies cutting ties with her.

Surprisingly, both these women faced harsh consequences for actions that were deemed too extreme. Megyn for her racist comments, and Griffin for taking a picture with a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump. Griffin is certainly a liberal who denounces racism in any form or shape. She expressed that when she took the famous controversial picture, and now when she tweeted this in good humor.

The public is free to think whatever they may like, but it’s hard finding sympathy for someone with racist remarks. Gladly, Megyn Kelly learned her lesson that there indeed can be a Black Santa. After all, Barrack Obama just proved it.

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