The Vampire Diaries: 5 Sad Episodes Ranked

The CW classic “The Vampire Diaries” does not differ from the rule that any teen drama, particularly those with a supernatural element, contains a fair amount of tragedy. The show contains a lot of surprises, twists and turns, enmity, and even happy moments. However, when it comes to The Vampire Diaries saddest episodes, nothing matters, it just comes down to pure emotions. Due to the show’s brutal nature, The Vampire Diaries does not hesitate to kill off beloved characters. Hence many of its episodes can be depressing and upsetting. If you are looking to cry your heart out, here is a list of The Vampire Diaries Sad Episodes. As well as some of The Vampire Diaries sad moments you would want to watch again.

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1. “I Was Feeling Epic” – Season 8, Episode 16

Without a doubt, the last episode of The CW series The Vampire Diaries is the saddest one. As fans bid farewell to their favorite show, making for many Vampire Diaries sad moments. Even those who had stopped following the series over the years felt the effects of the series finale. The episode shows Damon receiving the cure from Stefan, who then sacrifices his life to rescue Mystic Falls. As he departs for the hereafter, he sees Elena again, and the two of them say a tearful goodbye. In the future, Stefan’s loved ones may be seen grieving for him. However, Damon is the one who is most impacted. A sneak peek suggests both Damon and Elena enter the afterlife where Damon and Stefan had a heartfelt reunion in the show’s final scene.

Most of the audience was sad to witness Stefan’s death, with some viewers even suggesting that Stefan did not need to die at all. Everyone was moved to tears and goosebumps by this episode. Not only did the episode strike a chord with viewers, but it was also rated a whopping 9.3 on IMDb as well. In the history of series finales, this series finale definitely deserves to be on the top. It was just the perfect ending everyone needed. This one definitely tops the list of the Vampire Diaries sad episodes.

2. “Home” – Season 5, Episode 22

An episode that will make you cry no matter how many times you watch it, it is just that heartbreaking. Especially the last ten minutes of the episode. While many fans did not really believe that the makers had killed off both Damon and Bonnie, it did not make the episode any less painful to watch. The episode witnesses Bonnie, in typical fashion, giving herself up for a higher cause. Meanwhile, Damon is trapped on the other side and has no way to return back to Elena. Elena sobs and pleads with Damon to not leave her despite the fact that she could not see him.

Damon hears all this, and his words back are equally saddening making for one of the Vampire Diaries sad moments one can never forget. Making for one of the most emotional scenes of the series. Furthermore, Bonnie and Damon are seen holding hands and getting ready for whatever lies ahead in the closing scene of the season.

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3. “You Made A Choice To Be Good” – Season 8, Episode 11

After the heartbreaker that “Home” was, this Bonnie and Enzo farewell was the most definitely the saddest episode in terms of the “beloved couple farewell”. If you adore the chemistry and love between Enzo and Bonnie then this episode will make you cry like a baby, maybe even a bit more than you did when Damon said goodbye to Elena or vice versa. The CW supernatural show simply will not allow Bonnie Bennett to have happiness. The other characters consistently treat her like an item and do not pay her any attention unless they require her to cast a spell to solve one of their issues.

Enzo St. John was the first character in the history of the show to truly put Bonnie’s needs first. The series’ best duo, Enzo and Bonnie, appeared to be getting the happily ever after that they deserved. But just as Bonnie and Enzo left on their horseback into the distance, a humanity-free Stefan murdered Enzo in front of Bonnie. It was quite distressing and shocking and also probably one of the Vampire Diaries saddest episodes. This heartbreaking farewell made its way to the Vampire Diaries sad episodes.

4. “I’m Thinking Of You All The While” – Season 6, Episode 22

One of the most underrated characters in the history of The CW series “The Vampire Diaries” is Elizabeth “Liz” Forbes, Caroline’s mother. Liz’s character graph was quite interesting from hating the existence of vampires to having to deal with the fact that her own daughter is a vampire and ultimately becoming best friends with Damon, Liz went through it all so it was very upsetting to see her go. Another thing that was heartbreaking about this episode was how Caroline reacted.

Every time there was no reason to be hopeful, Caroline continued to be a shining beacon in a gloomy world. Despite going through a lot throughout the series, losing her mother shattered Caroline more than anything else. Cancer seemed like the cruelest way to pass away in the vampire-infested environment out of all the possible causes of death. It was too painful to see Caroline grieve and help her mother create nice memories before she passed away. Apart from Caroline, Damon, who considered Liz his best friend was the most saddened as well.

5. “For Whom The Bell Tolls” – Season 5, Episode 4

The Vampire Diaries saddest episodes are a result of a beloved character’s death and “For Whom The Bell Tolls” is no different. This may be a biased opinion but Bonnie Bennet’s death was the most heartbreaking death in the entire series. Even though Bonnie’s character did not end and she continued to be a pivotal part of the series till the end, the possibility of her not coming back is something that brought the viewers to tears.

Bonnie Bennett sacrificed herself in order to save Jeremy and died in the last episode of season 4 of this CW drama series. Since she didn’t want to hurt her friends by telling them she is no longer alive, especially after everything they have been through, she spoke to them through Jeremy in the initial episodes of the fifth season. However, by this point in the season, Bonnie was needed by everyone, so Jeremy admitted the truth to her friends. Despite their grave circumstances, everyone paused to pay tribute to their friend. Everyone at the funeral, including those watching from home, started crying. In order to finish off a demise that seemed definitive even though it wasn’t, Bonnie bid her friends farewell via Jeremy and left everyone a customized message.

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