Netflix and Ben Affleck Bring Action, Emotion and Stellar Cast to Triple Frontier Trailer

Ben Affleck new heist movie comes with a twist all around it on Netflix

Netflix and Ben Affleck. Sounds like a match made in cinematic heaven. That is what their next offering might be in the guise of violence. The new trailer for Triple Frontier is out. We are not only immersed in the plot of the movie. And our jaws dropped in awe as the cast credits started rolling on OH MY GOD!

Triple Frontier Trailer

Five former military men set out of a mission. In unofficial capacity. Their motivation? They have nothing financially after serving for almost two decades. So much so that they don’t have enough to provide better for their children. Oscar Issac makes a passionate speech about doing something. That something includes robbing a drug cartel boss Gabrielle Montino Moroya. (I hope that’s right).

Hunt Abound

As the work started, so does the anticipation. Ben’s character tells his bretheren in arms that there is not turning back from there. He convinces his boys that once they do this, their lives will change forever. We see scenes from a robbery preparation

On the Other Hand

While Oscar Issac has been center stage with the speeches and the plan. He is definitely hiding something. He promises a woman that they would bolt after he’s gotten the money.

The Stellar Cast

Remember the stellar cast I was telling you about? Well I haven’t forgotten that. How could you when they are that awesome. There is Ben Affleck of course. After taking his leave from Batman franchise, he is still making use of the build he gained from the movie. He is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the movie. Next up is another fav-favorute. Oscar Issacs. From what we can gather from this trailer. he’s the man with the plan. He’s not backing down and he’s not letting them walk away from it. Add in Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam to the mix and sprinkle it with Garrett Hedlund. And then more Pedro Pascal who we all know and love as Oberin from Game of Thrones. But shocker! He reveals that whatever they are doing is not what he signed up for.

So there’s drama and intrigue to this action packed movie. It will release in select theaters.

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