Hailey Baldwin Blames Instagram for Anxiety

Justin Bieber’s new bride Hailey Baldwin seems to be going through some rough times. And we don’t really blame her. With Selena Gomez seeking therapy and people criticizing Baldwin and Bieber for her mental health, there has been just too much pressure. Yesterday, Hailey Baldwin took to Instagram to express how the application makes her feel sad immediately. Through a series of Instagram posts, Hailey claimed that she feels a lot better when she takes a break off Instagram. And she further took on haters who continually use the platform to tear apart somebody’s job or relationship. The model does not want to let people make her feel that she is doing something wrong only because she is happy. But this is on the first time that Hailey Baldwin ranted about social media. Previously, in an interview in March 2017, she opened up about similar issues.

With people either commenting on her marriage or criticizing her runway walk, things have gotten tougher. A fan even commented on her Instagram post accusing her of getting plastic surgery to look like Bieber’s ex- Selena Gomez. So, can anybody really blame Hailey Baldwin for pinning down her anxiety on Instagram?

Hailey Baldwin Reveals That Instagram Gives her Anxiety

Yesterday, Hailey Baldwin posted a series of Instagram stories expressing how being off Instagram is one of the best feelings ever. And that whenever she is on a break from the social media application, she feels a lot more happy as a person. But as soon as she returns, she gets immediate anxiety and sadness. However, she clarified that she was not anti-Instagram at all. She appreciated the way that this platform lets people connect and interact with friends and family. But all that Hailey Baldwin was emphasizing on was that negativity on Instagram screamed a bit too loud.

She took her explanation a step ahead claiming that it was hard to focus on well being and mental health. Especially when every time you open Instagram, somebody tries to hate on your job or relationship. Or all the things in your life that you feel positive about. She believes that people should not live a life where they care so much about the opinion of strangers. And advised people that instead of hating or judging, they should try to spread encouragement, love and appreciation. Hailey Baldwin also announced that she will not let people make her feel bad just because she is happy.

Baldwin concluded her Instagram story by writing that the world has enough hatred and hurt. What it does not need now is more negativity, hate and division.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are facing too many judgments and hate ever since they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. It’s time for us to lay off them. And really, Baldwin has given out a beautiful message. The world needs no more hate, does it?

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