What No One Is Talking About Avengers 4

The trailer for the Avengers 4 was released and here are the few things that we know for sure

Oh my Thanos! No sorry but oh my Stan Lee! What a week it has been. Since the announcement that the trailer for Avengers 4 was releasing, we have been on the edge of our seats.So, as soon as it dropped, we had to watch it a thousand times.

Avengers 4 Trailer Reveals

Straight off the bat, the trailer is much darker in tone. For a second, I thought I was watching a DC movie trailer. Why is the trailer so sombre? Well Tony is stuck in space. Things are not looking good. As he tells Pepper Potts, his fiance, in a video log. He is running out of food, water and air. He tells her not to be sad because every journey has an end. So, major foreshadowing. And let’s note her that he is stranded in space in the Guardian’s Benatar with Nebula. On Earth, Natasha, Steve and Bruce are trying to do some damage control. They realize that they have not only lost half of all living creatures in the universe but also a part of themselves. Thor looking gloomy. A look at a lethal Hawkeye (or Ronin) and Scott Lang back from the quantum realm.

Things No One Noticed


After what seems like ages. We finally know the tile of the movie. Avengers Endgame.

Everyone saw the title. However, did anyone take a closer look at the poster? It’s like the logo is being made up of debris or fading away like the universe. We pick the first option. After being devastated by the loss of so many characters, we deserve a little hope. So, we choose to assume that the logo means that out of the chaotic world, we have hope.

New Suit

Speaking about chaos…well there’s Tony Stark, The always sharp inventor is looking wear for the worse. He is at the verge of living and dying. He is trying to make it through the day, with acceptance of his fate. However, we cannot help but remember that the first time that Tony was in such conditions in Iron Man. So,, a new suit. Fingers crossed.

A Plan before the Plan

Many people have speculated that the plot of this movie will involve time travel. While that might or might not be true. However, we have scenes that indicate that Captain America aka Steve Rogers said that they had a plan which has to work. I would very much love if Cap really had an independent plan. That plan is being decided mutually

Scott Lang Knows

We saw that Scott Lang got stuck in the quantum realm. However, he is shown trying to get buzzed in at the Avengers base. However, spare me, what if Scott also knows. Dr. Strange knew how things would end. He didn’t say anything. He is actually presumed dead. So what a relief indeed. Scott looks determined, almost like he knows what to do.


There is an epic scene in the trailer. In which we see a hooded figure killing off in the streets of what look like Japan. The narration is that we have lost friends. It is Black Widow who stands and watched him in that role. Now is that really our Hawkeye? Or is it the ever elusive Ronan? There is no indication but the costume is changed, there is no bow and arrow and he’s using  blade.

So we hope that these things are as deep as we think they are. With an emotional investment of a decade, it is hard to see the intricacies until pointed out. So we have to keep our eyes peeled for the next set of reveals that might make more sense.

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