Superwoman Has an Issue with Forbes List of Highest Paid YouTubers Stars 2018

Forbes List of Highest Paid Youtuber Stars of 2018 has certainly surprised many. Notable YouTube stars made the list such as Jeffree Star and even the controversial Jake Paul. But Superwoman, aka Lilly Singh, has an issue with the entire list. The YouTuber says the whole list does not include even one female YouTuber. Previously, it managed to get just one!

Superwoman was clarifying how women are still not given a chance to get on the top of YouTube as much as men are. The entire list consisted just of men, which definitely raises a red flag. Many notable female YouTubers might have made that list such as Superwoman herself, or Gabbie Hanna, Jenna Marbles. But they didn’t.

Hopefully, history won’t repeat itself next year and many talented and worthy female YouTuber will rise to the top.

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