Rumors About Mila Kunis and Her Failing Marriage Debunked!

Some flying rumors circulating the internet suggest that Mila Kunis is facing a troubled failing marriage. And that has been seriously affecting the actress’ health. Apparently, these were just gathered from how miserable the actress looked when stepping out with actor Ashton Kutcher. And with some inside sources claiming that their marriage was getting worse. But things don’t just stop there and get even more wild as jealousy and trust issues are cited as the reasons behind the marriage failure. However, the situation gets interesting as representatives for Mila Kunis deny all such rumors. So basically people believing that the actress is losing weight owing to marriage stress, mind your own business. The couple is more than just happy with their relationship and family. And seriously, they are not struggling to make their marriage work.

Is Mila Kunis Happy With her Marriage?

A few days back, Mila Kunis stepped out with her husband actor Ashton Kutcher and two kids in Los Angeles. Probably because the actress chose to not wear makeup on her day out, people assumed that she was miserable. NW magazine shed light on this incident quoting an inside source who revealed that Mila Kunis was miserable and had lost some weight. And that there was something stressing her out that contributed to the loss of her appetite. The insider went further to connect her gaunt look to marriage problems. Referring their recent outing, the insider added that,

They sure seemed to be having a tense time together, as though they’d had some sort of disagreement. It seemed like she didn’t want to look at him – they weren’t talking. The vibe between them was chilly.

However, the representatives for Mila Kunis were quick to debunk these gossips calling the story false on Gossip Cop. Others outlets who published photographs of the couple’s outing added that the two enjoyed their time together. Also, a few months back, a source talked about Mila Kunis and her marriage announcing that the couple was still too much in love. It claimed that,

They married their best friends and have continued to grow in their relationship by openly communicating and keeping their heads out of the clouds. And are real people and have found true love, trust, friendship and honesty. They are a great example for others to follow.

So, by the looks of it, it does not seem like Mila Kunis is facing a troubled marriage. Maybe the couple had some issues, but then again what relationship is stress free? Let’s stop assuming, and if anything wish that they remain happy together!

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