Why Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next Music Video Feels So Familiar

All the movie references in the music video

Ariana Grande released the official video for her new single, Thank U, Next. The song immediately received a lot of buzz for being about her ex-boyfriends. It is a women empowerment anthem. Ariana kept true to her element while making the video for the song. She pulled aspiration from stories that have inspired her. Bringing an amalgam of things we all know and love together in one music video.

Why it is so Familiar?

While you are watching the music video for Thank U, Next, you will feel like you have seen it before. There are some scenes that are familiar. Some faces are familiar as well. You cannot out your finger on it, but it’s there. This is why perhaps;

Movies Referenced

There is a reason why a lot of scenes in the music video seem so familiar. Ariana has taken inspiration from some classic teenage drama and rom-coms movies of all time. Or the time that affected Ariana.

Mean Girls

This was revealed way before the video came out. Mean Girls starring Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan is the premise of Ariana’s music video. The opening of the music video is the same as Mean Girls. The school buzzing about ‘Ariana Grande’ is similar to the school in Mean Girls buzzing about the Mean Girls.

Ariana embodies Regina George in the hallway scene as well.

The infamous “Burn Book” from the movie is dubbed, “Thank U, Next” book. Devoted Mean Girls’ fans will pick up on it immediately.

And to top it off, Ariana referenced the Christmas dance “Jingle Bell Rocks” from Mean Girls.

Bring It On

The next movie Ariana drew inspiration from is Bring It On. The original movie was released in 2000. It starred Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku. Ariana reenacted the bathroom scene in which Cliff and Torrance are brushing their teeth.

She ran a parallel scene of Torrance dancing and cheering in her bedroom.

Ariana then dances and cheers in official Torros colors.

It also features Clovers cheerleaders. All of them dancing together to the tune of the song.

13 Going on 30

The next movie to get featured on the music video is Jennifer Garner’s 13 Going on 30. She is dressed in the same outfit Jennifer’s character, Jenna. She also has the same hairstyle.

And to top it all off, she also brings the doll house out that Matt returned to Jenna. Which makes complete sense of the bride getting ready in the background. As Jenna came to crash Matt’s wedding, confessing her love. He turned her away and told her that they couldn’t turn back time.

Legally Blonde

The next movie to serve as Ariana’s inspiration is Reese Witherspoon’s iconic character Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. She arrives like Elle in a car with her chihuahua.

The next sequence features two parts from Legally Blonde. One in which Elle is having a conversation with Paulette. Elle then teaches her friend “The Bend and Snap”.

The workout scene is also from Legally Blonde when Elle is proving herself to be a worthy law student.

So, yes! Ariana Grande took all those really empowering female characters. Made them her own and given us a great video. It did not only make us hum along. But also remember the old classic movies that we love.

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