Justin Bieber’s New Song ‘Honest’ ft. Don Toliver is Out!

Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber has released a new song ‘Honest’ featuring rapper Don Toliver. The duo has collaborated before on a song called ‘Don’t Go’ with Skrillex. Justin released another fun track right before releasing ‘Honest’ and its called ‘I Feel Funny’. He hopped on the song just for fun and wanted his fans to know that music can be fun as well. The Prince of Pop displays his talent in other genres too. He is greatly admired for his R&B album Journals and fans always look forward to his R&B or hip hop tracks. This new song ‘Honest’ is a contemporary R&B and hip hop track. The release date was announced out of nowhere. It has been an exciting news for Beliebers as they have been waiting to hear some news trendy songs from the Biebs.

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‘Honest’ Music Review

Justin Bieber, the hit maker of songs such as ‘Peaches’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Sorry’ loves to experiment with new sound. His music always carries a uniqueness and smooth flow that appeals to the listener. The vibe of Honest is soft but has a strong grip because of a thrilling beat in the background. As always, Bieber slides throughout the track with his impressive vocal abilities. Moreover, Justin’s effortless and saccharine voice enchants the listeners till the end of the track. Additionally, Don Toliver impressively takes the flow from Justin in the second verse of the song. His pace and flow is perfect that matches with the song. Overall, the combination of Toliver and Bieber is something not to miss out.

Justin Bieber and Toliver ‘Honest’ Music Video

The video for this song is directed by Cole Bennett. This is the second time the American executive and videographer is working with Justin Bieber on new song. They collaborated in the same week for Honest release date and on a fun track called ‘I Feel Funny’. The video for ‘I Feel Funny’ is just backstage scenes for the music video of Honest. Honest’ music video does not have a story line like Justin’s previous music videos such as ‘Hold On’ and ‘Holy’. This one rather presents what appears as excellent and expensive visuals in winter snow. Moreover, Bieber and Toliver are seeing smoking a blunt in the middle of the video and in end when they sit around warm fire. Overall, the video catches attention due to its production and amazing visuals.

Give your first listen to the track here,

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