Markell Washington Speaks On Tayler Holder Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct

It’s been a few weeks since TikTok star and musician Tayler Holder got embroiled in a controversy. Many of his friends in the influencer circle unfollowed him, plus most of them were his closest ones such as Markell Washington, Aisha and Azra Mian, Nate Wyatt, Chase Mattson, and Kelianne Stankus. These TikTok stars were also the ones who starred in a reality series with Holder a while ago, called ‘House of Creators’. They all lived in the Triller compound together.

Not much was revealed by any of those who unfollowed him. In particular, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards spoke about the situation publicly and said that don’t know anything about it but just that they’d like to distance themselves from Holder. There were also hints that Holder was facing accusations of sexual misconduct. Now, Markell Washington has spoken up about it.

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Markell Washington breaks his silence on the Tayler Holder situation

A few days ago, The Bffs Podcast did an episode featuring Mads Lewis and Markell Washington. Dave Portnoy asked Washington about the whole Tayler Holder unfollowing incident. He also added how Holder himself did a small interview with The Bffs Podcast but didn’t reveal anything with substance.

Markell Washington says it was difficult to talk about the situation because Tayler Holder was the one that brought him to Los Angeles (L.A.).

“I know honestly. I don’t know where everybody else lies with them um I just kind of speak from a distance and you know because he did bring me to L.A. and I can’t look over that fact because when some people did turn their back on me. Tayler [Holder] offered to bring me into compound.”

When Dave Portnoy asked him if he was the first one to unfollow him, Markell Washington replied saying:

“No, um I was in that little realm of people because I was supporting some others. But you know, it was a tough situation to be in the middle of it.”

Markell Washington didn’t reveal who the “others” he was referring to. Many people assume and believe that it’s the victims that were going to speak about the alleged sexual misconduct they faced with Tayler Holder.

Many influencers including Bryce Hall were given cease-and-desist letters, meaning that those influencers could not speak anything false that could implicate Tayler Holder.

Markell does not regret his decision to distance himself from Tayler Holder

Portnoy did ask if Markell regrets unfollowing Tayler because no allegations have come out since the rumors. Markell Washington firmly replied saying,

“No, I don’t think so.”

But nothing else was revealed about the situation.

As of now, Tayler Holder is posting on social media as if nothing has happened. What’s more, is that he’s sparking dating rumors with TikTok star Emma MacDonald. No allegations of sexual misconduct have come to light until now.

We’ll let you know if we hear anything else in the coming weeks.

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