Lana Rhoades Helping Adult Content Creators Grow Their Instagram Following

So, most people already know Lana Rhoades. And it’s a fair bet that those who say they don’t know her are lying. As one of the most famous adult content creators, she’s pretty much a celebrity in her own right. And with over 70 adult film credits to her own, she has surely made an impact. Moreover, she is also an influencer, with over 16.8 million Instagram followers!

Lana Rhoades. Source: Instagram

However, despite making her breakthrough from adult films, she has since retired from the adult film industry. And the retirement came in 2018, as a result of being asked to do things she wasn’t comfortable with. She has since moved on to focus on building her brand with OnlyF*ns. And things got so bad for her that she had panic attacks and started considering s*icide:

“Probably the last two months that I shot p**n I would go home and I would call my friend Stephanie and cry and be like ‘girl I wanna kill myself, I can’t do this anymore. They want me to do this disgusting s— the next day, I’ll have to do this hardcore scene, I can’t do it.”

And the accomplished former adult film star also dated YouTuber and co-host of the Impaulsive podcast, Mike Majlak. However, the two broke up amidst controversies surrounding the baby daddy of Lana Rhoades.

Recently, Lana Rhoades decided to try and expand into the upcoming NFT industry. However, things didn’t go according to plan when she failed to sell enough NFTs. As a result, her investors felt cheated out of their money. And Lana had to deactivate her Twitter account!

Lana Rhoades decides to help adult content creators

Having been through the highs and lows of the adult content industry herself, Lana Rhoades is well aware of the challenges. And her initiative to help out other adult content creators shows how big of a heart she has. Recently, Lana Rhoades has been posting pictures with Instagram links to other adult content creators. And she wants to get them the same reach it took her years to make.

Lana Rhoades shares @lynaritaa. Source: Instagram story

And her good word is definitely helping upcoming adult content creators to gain the traction they need for success!

Lana Rhoades shares @sunnyrayyxo. Source: Instagram story

Lana Rhoades deciding to use her influence to help newcomers out is an incredible use of her incredible success!

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