Lana Rhoades Remains On P*rnHub’s No.1 Spot Despite Baby Daddy Controversy Involving Mike Majlak

If you guys think the most searched explicit/ adult content creator of this year can be someone other than the very gorgeous Lana Rhoades, then you guys are definitely wrong. Yes, we all know that Lana only worked for the P*rn industry for a couple of months. But in that short period of time, she was able to make hundreds of videos for the P*rnhub website and its users.

According to NY Post and Meaww, Lana Rhoades managed to earn #1 spot on the most searched adult content creator on P*rnHub in 2021. She was also on the top searched adult content creators of P*rnHub in 2019 and 2020. And it’s not going to change anytime soon. Lana Rhoades joined the P*rn industry in the year 2017. She appeared in a lot of videos. Lana explored her versatility to the maximum for the adult content website. But she has mentioned many times that she regrets being a part of it.

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Lana Rhoades Earned #1 Spot On P*rnHub in 2021 Despite The Controversy Involving Her Ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak

So by now, we all know that Lana Rhoades quit the P*rn Industry in 2018. Only the P*rnHub subscribers knew who she was or people who used to watch her content on daily basis. But Lana gained popularity after quitting the industry and joining viral platforms like Instagram and OnlyF*ns. The adult content star got a divorce from her husband and started focusing more on making content for her social media platforms. And it’s actually one of the reasons why she started earning well and got popular on the P*rnHub platform. She mentioned multiple times on different occasions that P*rnHub didn’t pay her enough.

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Lana has done many photoshoots for Playboy and she is one of their top favorite models. Apart from that, she collaborates with fashion brands such as Fashion Nova. At the beginning of 2020, Lana Rhoades started seeing Mike Majlak. They dated from 2020-to-2021 and had multiple breakups and patch-ups.

Then there was this huge baby daddy controversy involving Mike Majlak who is an author, a YouTuber, co-host of Impaulsive, and Logan Paul’s best buddy. Lana got pregnant a couple of months after she broke up with Mike (for the final time). And people started assuming that the baby is supposed to be Mike’s. Because Lana and Mike always got back together after the breakups. He even made a breakup video and earned money from it. However, Mike revealed in the Impaulsive podcast that people should stop bullying him and sending him daddy jokes. He is good friends with Lana but he is not the baby daddy.

Lana also jokes a couple of times about Mike being the baby daddy. But apart from that, there is no actual proof of Mike being the actual daddy of Milo. Despite this controversial baby daddy controversy involving Mike Majlak, Lana Rhoades managed to earn #1 spot on P*rnHub in 2021. And fans are assuming that no one can steal this spot from Lana for being the most searched adult content creator of the year 2022 of P*rnHub.

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