Keanu Reeves is in Toy Story 4 as Tim Allen Reveals to Jimmy Fallon

Keanu Reeves is voicing a new character in Toy Story 4 and this news is brought to us by Tim Allen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Tim Allen is always a hoot. He is hearty and wholesome which makes him the poster dad material of TV. Mix that in with the cool uncle vibe of Tom Hanks. You get the two best voices of two most beloved characters of Woody and Buzz in Toy Story. Tim Allen came out to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They got to talking about Toy Story 4 trailer. Allen went on to reveal quite a few details about some characters especially the character of Keanu Reeves.

Tim Allen Gives Away Keanu Reeves’ Casting

We are still not sure if this information was privy or not. With Tim Allen you never really know. Talking about Toy Story 4 story line, Tim talked about the new guys on the movie. That means all the actors who voice acted on the fourth installment of Toy Story 4. We did not even guess who he might be talking about when he suddenly name dropped Keanu Reeves. Yes! Keanu-Neo-John Wick-Reeves. He is starring in the movie alright. And that was not all Tim had to say about Reeves. He continued to tell us more about Reeves’ role;

“Keanu Reeves has got a great part. Actually, a little inside story, even [Reeves] said — gentle, wonderful guy that he is — ‘This sounds too much like Buzz Lightyear.’ And his character does have an edge to that. And the guy said, ‘So we calmed him down a little bit,’ and they reminded me his toy is only that big.”

Now we are forced to think what character might Reeves be playing?

New Characters

To explain that mystery, Tim Allen elaborated to Jimmy that there were a lot of new toys in the movie. He said that we will be surprised to find out the toys that the creators have come up with. It is exciting to see them put so much effort and work into making these new characters amazing like the previous ones. Till now, it is confirmed that their will be three new characters. Fork voiced by Tony Hale, Ducky voiced by Jordan Peele, and Bunny with Keegan Michael-Key voice. Disney and Pixar even revealed cute posters for the new movie following the teaser trailer release,

New Storyline

Without giving out too many details about the story. Tim Allen gave something to look forward to. He told Jimmy about when he was reading the script for the movie. The ending made him very sad and he almost teared up because of it. He defined it as;

“I read it and I had to turn around, from looking at it in the studio, it was so emotional,It’s a ‘Scarlet, I don’t give a damn’ moment.”

From what he could tell everyone on the Jimmy Fallon show and those sitting at home, the story is adventurous. The other toys decide to take Woody around the world to see how much the world needs toys.

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