Influencers who Joined Jeffree Star Skin Launch Party | Tana Mongeau, Shane Dawson, and many more

And now, the moment we all have been waiting for is finally here. Some of you might not know that Jeffree Star Cosmetics is expanding its horizons. On 25th February, Jeffree Star launched his Jeffree Star Skin line in the most Jeffree Star way possible… Yes, Guys!! Jeffree Star threw a huge party for his friends! The makeup guru, who also happens to be the CEO of The Star Ranch, spoke to several media outlets:

“I’ve always wanted to do skincare, but I was insecure about it being perfect. It took a few years, but I’m so proud of it. People know they can trust me for a good formula.”

Jeffree Star while talking about his skincare line
Source: Instagram

The party featured some of the most famous social media personalities, as expected. However, there were some surprise appearances as well!

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Who came to the Jeffree Star Skin launch?

Tana Mongeau looks super fly at the party. Source: Instagram story

The Jeffree Star Skin launch party had some the biggest names in the social media circle. Tana Mongeau, the influencer and host of the Cancelled podcast, was one of the major invitees. Despite having their differences in the past, the two seem to have moved on, even featuring in a video together previously. Other attendees of the launch included Harry Jowsey, Jordyn Jones, Amanza Smith, Imari Stuart, Louie Castro, Reggie Creations, Landon Wetterstrom, Obi Nnadi, Holly Scarfone, Stephanie Viada, Alexis Oakley, and Lars Gummer.

Source: Instagram

Friends to foes and friends again!

The biggest surprise was when Shane Dawson made it to the Jeffree Star Skin launch! After 2020’s infamous Karmageddon event, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s friendship seemed to have ended. However, their first public appearance together since 2020 has won the hearts of fans all around!

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson appear together

Jeffree shared on his Instagram story how excited Shane made him feel for joining the launch party.


Shane Dawson makes a surprise appearance at the launch

We are beyond excited about the Jeffree Star Skin products. And we are even more excited to be back in 2019 with Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson content! Guess the Happy days are coming back!

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