Christian Garcia on Tayler Holder Scandal: “He’s A Really Nice Guy, I Wish Him The Best”

So, as we all know that Tayler Holder is involved in a major scandal. While there are no details yet, we do know that Tayler is allegedly facing serious accusations of sexual misconduct. It happened when major influencers and all of Tayler’s closest friends unfollowed him on social media. Among those are Charly Jordan, Kelianne Stankus, Chase Mattson, D’Amelio sisters, Larray, Nikita Dragon, Mian twins, and Nate Wyatt have unfollowed him.

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What happened with Tayler Holder’s Allegations So Far

Tayler Holder did a short interview with the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards and said that he’d rather keep everything offline. He did indirectly confirm that there were going to be alleged allegations going to take rounds on the internet. Holder shared that it was all “he said she said” gossip that was circulating. He didn’t reveal anything else.

Meanwhile, Bryce Hall shared that he doesn’t know anything about what was happening but he did confirm that he got a cease-and-desist. Hall added that he unfollowed Tayler just because he knew there were going to be potential allegations against Tayler Holder. Bryce Hall simply didn’t want to associate with Tayler Holder after that possibility. Moreover, he even added that the two were not close friends in reality either.

Plus, Keemstar added that a trusted source has shared with him that there is going to be serious allegations against Tayler Holder coming.


Singer and social media star Christian Garcia shared his thoughts on Tayler’s current controversy

Christian Garcia is a popular influencer who was on Mexico’s X Factor. He’s a singer and a YouTuber that’s been a rising star in the social media world. He shared his thoughts with The Hollywood Fix on the Tayler Holder controversy:

In response to all the allegations, Christian Garcia says:

“I’ve gone to church with him [Tayler Holder] before. He’s such a really nice guy and whatever he’s going through like I wish him the best. And Tayler if you’re seeing this like hang in there. I know God’s gonna help you and of course everyone has their opinion you know.”

When Fletcher from ‘The Hollywood Fix’ asked Christian Garcia if he thought the allegations are true, here’s what he said:

“It’s really hard to say but someone one of my best friends got a letter um in the by email and right it’s i don’t know”

But Garcia maintained that he still thinks Tayler Holder is a nice guy:

“Because he’s a really nice guy you know what I mean yeah that’s really crazy.”

We’ll keep you posted on any more updates about the Tayler Holder controversy.

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