Netflix and Harry Jowsey are working on a secret project?

It seems that a new Harry Jowsey Netflix show is underway. Although he has become a huge celebrity since Too Hot To Handle came out, the Australian influencer is working constantly. From owning several businesses to starring in dating shows, he has done it all. Recently, THTH star and Netflix dropped some hints about a new partnership. Although the details are not revealed yet, there is something brewing for sure.

Prior to starring in THTH, Jowsey was in another dating show, Heartbreak Island.

In 2020, Netflix released a dating show, Too Hot To Handle. And thus began our love affair with Harry Jowsey. Throughout the show, he remained a constant favorite for his cheeky and warm personality. Similarly Harry Jowsey’s Netflix show became a talk of the town because of his relationship with Francesca. Although the couple have broken up since, they still remain the most popular contestants from the show. However, it was not his first dating show. Before the Netflix show, he starred in a dating show called Heartbreak Island. It was New Zealand’s version of Love Island. As expected, Jowsey won $100,000 on that show.

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Last year, Harry Jowsey the Netflix star also launched his own dating app.

Along with Milo Manheim and Mike Majlak, Harry Jowsey launched a dating app called Lolly. According to him, it is sort of like TikTok meets Tinder. In order to join the app, you must be single and wanting to match with someone who matches your energy. While talking about the app, he said:

We’ve been buzzing to get this app launched and show the world what online dating should be like. Lolly gives me a great opportunity to show more of my personality through videos and my playful side, whereas being on reality dating shows only shows a little percentage of my personality.

Furthermore, Harry Jowsey Netflix star revealed that he was single at the moment and willing to get married if he matches with someone on Lolly.

Recently, he and Netflix have been dropping hints for a possible collaboration.

Although there is no news of a new show, Harry Jowsey and Netflix’s flirtathon is very much on. On their official Instagram account, Netflix changed the bio and wrote:

This account is primarily used to flirt with Harry Jowsey.

In response to this, he shared the story and wrote:

Just shut up and kiss me already Netflix.

Since then, Harry Jowsey and Netflix have been trending and anyone and everyone is changing their bio to flirt with the star. At the same time, Netflix has posted a Guess the Show video on their account. In the comments, people are trying to guess the name. While some think its Locke and Key, others have named Outer Banks. Meanwhile, Jowsey is also sharing comments, keeping the game interesting. This indicates a Harry Jowsey Netflix partnership.

So far, there are no details whatsoever about the show but we cannot wait to see Jowsey back on our screens.

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