Sienna Mae Gomez Denies Sexual Assault Allegations Made By Jack Wright And Accuses Him Of Lying

After Jack Wright shared the horrifying details of the sexual assault and abuse he suffered from his former friend Sienna Mae Gomez, a lot of people came out in his support. The story started In May 2021, when Jack’s friend revealed the truth to the public. Jack Wright tweeted out saying that the story was true but didn’t share any details. Sienna Mae Gomez denied the sexual assault allegations multiple times, sometimes even aggressively. Now, Jack has shared his truth and said that Sienna was lying about everything. But Sienna is again denying the allegations. She addressed everything in a lengthy blog post.

Jack Wright shares that Sienna Mae Gomez never respected his boundaries

As per Jack, he only thought of Sienna as a friend but she didn’t think of him as a friend. She would allegedly sexually assault him and take advantage of him, whenever she could. But she especially did it when Jack Wright was at his most vulnerable state.

The abuse got to an extreme vicious cycle that she would show up to his house unannounced and uninvited. Sienna Mae Gomez would make her way into his bedroom at night and then touch him inappropriately while he was sleeping or passed out. She would apologize for her behavior but then keep repeating it. Sienna would get angry at him for not returning her feelings and would take every opportunity to sexually assault him.

“I don’t know why I stayed friends with her or stayed around her. Truly thought she was gonna change for some reason. I feel like she’d say she had so much love for me and she truly cared for me. And then the next night she would do something like that. She knew I had those boundaries so when I was at my most like vulnerable state like when I was arguing, getting heated or when I was asleep or passed out. That’s when she would take advantage of me because she knew I was at my most vulnerable state. When I’m awake, I hated it. I hated that touch. And I hated any intimacy with her because I knew we’re just friends. I didn’t want that from her.”

Jack Wright

Sienna Mae Gomez addressed Jack Wright’s video and denied the sexual assault allegations once again

When the video came out, Sienna’s representative first addressed the situation saying:

“There has been no police investigation — not even a police report to our knowledge — no charges, no private lawsuit and no contact between Sienna and Jack or their respective legal teams in many months.” 

Moreover, the statement also added that Jack’s video was merely to hurt Sienna:

“a calculated action to hinder, hurt and harm not only Sienna’s reputation and livelihood, but her as an individual human being as well.”

The statement also “unequivocally denies” all the accusations. Moreover, as per their statement, Sienna never broke into Jack’s house and sexually assaulted him.

In 2020, Jack Wright and Sienna Mae Gomez became a popular online couple as they made videos with each other on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. They were both childhood friends and went to the same high school. Sienna and Jack were also both part of Thomas Petrou’s Hype House.

In a detailed Medium article titled ‘Sienna Mae Gomez: Reflections From An 18-Year Old Me’, Gomez addressed the situation in her own words.

She shared that after Jack Wright made the video about her, she wishes that she could go back to being a kid. Sienna Mae Gomez shared that she has felt “muzzled and controlled” by parents, lawyers, agents, and publicists. She shared that she wanted to be honest and write everything from her heart. She wanted to use “her newfound adult status to take accountability and share the whole truth with anyone who will listen.”

Moreover, Gomez shared with Insider that old videos were removed because of false claims. They didn’t name any particular video. One video that it might be about is one where there is potential evidence of Sienna Mae Gomez allegedly sexually assaulting Jack Wright who is asleep. The video was posted by Jack’s friend, Lachlan Hannemann, on June 3rd 2021. The TikTok video shows Sienna kissing and inappropriately touching an unconscious Jack. The video was taken down shortly after.

Sienna denied that she sexually assaulted Jack Wright on her YouTube channel, but she later took down the video.

And as per Sienna’s rep, they’re trying to get Jack Wright to take down his video as it’s false:

“We are also asking for the videos to be removed and the truth to be told because of the sheer nature of disrespect the videos place onto victims and survivors of sexual assault.”

Sienna also wrote in her blog post:

“My legal team sent [Wright’s] legal team a letter threatening a lawsuit for defaming my character because that ‘is the best next step to clear your name.'”

Sienna maintains the claim that she was in love with Jack Wright, who only used her for ‘clout’

Jack Wright and Sienna Mae Gomez never publicly confirmed their relationship status. Fans and followers just naturally assumed something romantic was going on between the two because they often interacted flirtatiously with each other on their social media profiles, TikTok and YouTube.

But the narrative changed when Jack’s friend Mason Rizzo made a tweet that Sienna sexually assaulted Jack in May 2021. Something that Jack indirectly confirmed shortly after but didn’t share any details. Now, in January 2022, Jack Wright detailed his sexual assault allegations against Sienna in a 17 minute video. Wright also shared that as per him, he and Sienna were only friends and nothing romantic was going on. Sienna would make advances on him, but he never gave her consent and would remind her that they were just friends. Sienna would apologize but then repeat her behavior. He had also shared that there were other victims that suffered sexual assault from Sienna.

Meanwhile, in her blog post, Sienna Mae Gomez shared that the two were in a “relationship for the public”. Their followers increased as a result of the joint content they posted. But through it all, Sienna fell in love with him for real:

“We were thrown into a crazy, exciting relationship because the public demanded it. Major companies were reaching out with brand deals for us and Jack even switched agents to make it easier for work opportunities. Somewhere along the way, and in a very confusing state of not knowing what was fake and what was real, I started to fall in love with him. I told him I loved him and he said he loved me too. I would ask if he wanted to be more than friends and he would say, ‘not yet.'”

Sienna also requested Netflix to remove her presence from Netflix’s Hype House Reality Show

Initially, Sienna was going to be a big part of Netflix’s Hype House which revolves around the most popular TikTokers. She was a part of the cast but she didn’t have any appearance in the show when it aired this month. Sienna Mae Gomez says that the show confused huge aspects of her relationship with Jack Wright:

“I wasn’t sure if we were friends or more. We would agree to be just friends and then he would gift me expensive or even matching jewelry or plan elaborate outings. We would talk in a quiet place and say we were just friends and then the next day be making out with each other for the cameras.”

Sienna asked the producers of the show to remove her presence after the sexual assault allegations against her. So that she would not have to relive the cyber-bullying and hate aimed at her. She apologized to the cast and crew for that.

Moreover, Sienna Mae Gomez also accused Jack Wright of slut-shaming her:

She said that Jack Wright and “his collaborators” were engaging in “blatant slut-shaming culture” which were aimed a successful woman of color. She also said that Jack Wright was painting a picture where she’s crazy and that he:

“twisted so many things out of context in his most recent video, to the point of literally painting me into the ‘loud,’ ‘crazy,’ ‘overly sexualized’ stereotype that people try to use on young, especially Latina, women.”

The allegations were “capitalizing on her success” and “in an effort to use her suffering as a catalyst for their own personal gain.”

Sienna Mae Gomez further wrote that only the people who didn’t know her were adding on the hate-train and the “lies”.

Sienna did apologize for her past videos where she was aggressively denying the sexual assault allegations

Jack Wright had shared that Sienna’s old videos denying the sexual assault claims were “invalidating his feelings” and that he felt “gaslighted”. Sienna addressed that and shared that she’s sorry to the sexual assault survivors who she offended with her “ignorance”. Since the video came out, Sienna has educated and learned more about the:

“sexual assault and the psychological trauma responses victims of sexual assault may develop as a result of abuse. I learned what Stockholm syndrome and trauma bonds are and am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn so that I can be a better ally to victims of sexual assault.”

Sienna Mae Gomez did apologize to Jack Wright for making him uncomfortable with her physical acts of affection

“I’m sorry for the times that I made you feel uncomfortable. There is a distinct line between that and sexual assault. I’m so sad that this is where we ended up, and even more so that I’m now being used in a new and even more hurtful way.”

Jack Wright is standing firm in the statements he made in his YouTube video ‘what sienna mae did to me’.

He officially told NBC that:

“I believe Sienna is struggling to face the truth and the harmful, painful choices she’s made. Every word in my video is the truth.”

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