How YouTubers Are Reacting to Netflix’s Hype House Reality Show

Few weeks ago, Netflix released Hype House, a reality show starring many YouTubers and TikTokers. While the show meant a lot for the people who featured in it, others do not think the same. After the show came out, many critics commented on how depressed these influencers seemed. At the same time, their fellow YouTubers posted reaction videos after binge watching the show. Needless to say, the show did not impress them.

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Although Hype House was the biggest TikTokers collective before the reality show, Netflix gave it a lot more exposure.

When the TikTokers started getting popular, they came together to form collective houses. Among them, Hype House still remains the biggest collective in LA. Founded by Thomas Petrou, it had the best and most popular TikTokers and content creators. Therefore, Netflix releasing a reality show based on the house is a big deal for the content creators. The TikTokers and YouTubers who featured in the Netflix’s Hype House show include Chase Hudson, Nikita Dragun, Vinnie Hacker, Larray, Mia Hayward, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren and Jack Wright.

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After the release of the show, the critics commented on how sad the TikTokers looked.

Although the show was released quietly, Hype House did grab the attention of critics and the fans of these TikTokers. According to the critics, the real lives of the content creators are sad and grim. Despite the fact that these young stars are extremely popular and suspiciously rich they seem depressed and very aware of their mediocrity. In front of the camera, members of Hype House seem vicious and spoiled brats. However, if you look into their personal lives and back stories, you will end up crying. Almost all of them have come from abusive households or seen horrible things in their early childhood and teens. In this respect, Hype House influencers have to bury all of their traumas and portray a totally different version of them on screen.

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Few YouTubers watched Hype House and shared their reviews.

As is the norm among the social media influencers, YouTubers shared their reactions after binge-watching Hype House. According to Swell Entertainment’s Amanda Golka, the show is a boring drama with made-up stories of ‘bad tea’. Similarly, she called Nikita Dragun, a pot stirrer, who asked inciting questions to get the gossip. At the same time, she observed that the members of Hype House do not seem to enjoy their work and seem to worry too much about not being able to find ideas for making new content.

On the other hand, Casey Aonso observed that the show focuses more on featuring the sponsors and making ads. She also pointed out that Thomas Petrou’s job is to beg the content creators to make ads for their sponsors. Similarly, she commented how that becomes everyone’s main focus.

Although Netflix was able to churn out eight episodes for Hype House, only time will tell if they can come up with more seasons.

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