Who Remembers Lana Rhoades Talking About Worst A*-l S*x With Mike Majlak In 3G1K?

Oh well!! I know you guys are going to think that I am probably crazy for sharing such an old incident about Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak. But I just got to know about it somehow and I found it really interesting. So, I just felt like sharing it with you guys. As we all know Mike Majlak’s best friend Logan Paul, who is the co-host of the world’s #1 podcast “IMPAULSIVE”. And we also know how Logan Paul used to talk about his ex-girlfriend Josie Canseco’s weird fetishes on the podcast all the time.

Mike Majlak also used to share his then-girlfriend Lana Rhoades’s weird fetishes with his friends and ask for their opinion. But we won’t be discussing them right now. Because today, I am going to share a very hilarious yet a bit disgusting an*l s*x story with you guys. That Lana shared during an episode of the 3 Girls 1 Kitchen podcast on YouTube. She shared with her friends that Mike was sober throughout the year 2020. So, she had a drink with Mike at 12 a.m on New Year’s Eve.

“Basically what happened was, we got shots, we had a bottle of dawn. After that, we ended up in a hot tub talking to random people for an hour. Then we go back to the room and he decides that he wants to do a*al s*x. And it was our third time doing it.”

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Details Of Lana Rhoades And Mike Majlak’s Worst A*al S*x

Lana shares that it was the worst s*x she had with Mike in their entire relationship. She mentions in the video that she took an enema whenever she used to do an*l s*x. But sadly she didn’t have an enema with her when she was doing it for the third time. So, she had to clean the inside of her b*tt with water. Umm, I really don’t know why she would do it? I mean you always have an option to go for the laxatives and stuff like that. But anyway, here is what Lana had to say about using a water bottle instead of an enema.

“So I didn’t have an enema. So we used a water bottle. I stuck part of a water bottle up my b*t* to get it out (the food) and to clean it. And we have had a*al s*x two other times and it just went so smooth. And I think after this time, we will probably never do it again. I think we were too drunk and it was so sloppy”.

Uhh, I was about to have my evening tea with cake but I don’t think I will be able to eat anything after writing all of this. I mean it’s kind of disgusting.

“We have been eating so much just like our fat bodies all over each other and then air kept going in my b*t*. So I would have to blow it out it just seemed like I was farting the whole time and it was just disgusting.”

Here is a heads up for all the people who would like to try doing an*l with their partner. Please, don’t do it if you have food in your stomach. Otherwise, the air bubbles are going to make you fart or shart during the act.

“And also we were so drunk that at one point he said some sort of an*l jelly sprayed on his chest, it was horrible. It was such disgusting s*x I ever had. Because we also had just been eating so much. We were just like fat and blubbery.”

Well!! That’s more than just TMI. But I felt like sharing it with you guys because it is kind of hilarious in a way. As you all know Lana recently delivered a beautiful baby boy and named him Milo. Mike, on, the other hand, as a very supportive ex-boyfriend and good friend congratulated her during Impaulsive’s recent podcast episode. And the mystery of the baby daddy is still not solved. But now we are pretty sure that it’s not Mike Majlak.

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